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Shortleg Charlie (Horse Betting) REVIEW - Does it actually work?

'Cheat your way into a 5 figure betting income this year.'
Seems like an odd way to advertise a betting system, but that's how Shortleg Charlie sees it.
Shortleg Charlie is a betting system for UK horse racing only, 'based around a simple-to-follow formula.'
You need to be able to access the Racing Post website to use the system and bets can be placed at any time once the dayís runners and riders have been published.†
The promoter/deviser of this system claims to be a 'betting fanatic' who has created, 'one of the finest systems based on mathematical equations to tell you exactly where the cold hard cash is waiting for you.'
Yes please!
'Follow the steps given in my system,' he says, 'check my selections, look where to put your money, place your bet and relax.'
And you'll be relieved to know that it is, 'completely legal.'
For 29.95 (UK Sterling) you can start, 'earning a regular income from horse betting.'
And the website is littered with screenshots of betting slips and bank statements, all showing a tidy profit.
Scott McEvoy, the creator, works hard to convince us that he is the real thing. Presenting himself as 'disgusted' by amateurs acting as betting gurus; freelance actors pretending to be self-made betting millionaires and untested systems being sold to gullible punters as genuine sources of income.
His system, he says, is a 'bona fide cutting-edge system that uses an evaluated formula to predict winning horses.'
The system has consistent winning potential, he says, and 'annihilates the sinister bookmakers by contradicting conventional betting tactics.'
It is not, a 'get rich quick plan.' (Because, as we all know, these don't exist).
But you will make a consistent profit from horse betting week after week.
Mr McEvoy says that once he discovered his system, he was unable to keep it to himself - so excited was he about this good news.
'I started spreading my expertise, helping thousands of people understand how to make money off horse betting.'
And he guarantees that you will walk away with a decent profit at the end of a month's betting.
OK, sign me up...
Or at least sign me up to a test...
Fortunately, some of the betting review websites have done just his.
One tested the Shortleg Charlie system for a period of 60 days, based on £10 level stakes settled at Betfair after deducting an assumed 5% commission.
They list the bets (as advised by the system) and the profit and loss. After 43 days they gave up: cumulative total, -£58.11.
Another test (over 33 days) gave overall results of -£29.84.
So the hard work has been done for you - and Shortleg Charlie has come up short.
However I did find one customer who advised patience:
'You get loads of losers but also some big winners so be patient. I made a profit of £339.09 to £10 stakes at advised prices or near.'
So that's pretty good if it can be reproduced consistently.
And another reviewer agreed:
'Personally, I wanted to tell you that although you donít win every time, the rate of winning is more then pleasing with over 60% of bets won.'
There are some apparent inconsistencies in the system. The PDF version often differs from the emailed daily tips and this does not help Shortleg Charlie's reputation amongst the betting community.
'They keep chopping and changing the advice regarding staking etc. It doesnít fill me or my reviewer with much confidence.'
'How come the selections posted here and the ones sent by email by the vendor are rarely the same?' cries another customer.
It seems that 'The Rules' as set out in the system manual, are a moveable feast.
And these 'Rules' catch short shrift from one reviewer.
'The rules are basic beyond simple beyond stupid. They will lose your money.'
So on balance this system does NOT get as many bad comments as some online betting systems, however the losses revealed when the system was run by two different organizations, speak for themselves.
You may be the lucky one who profits from this system.
But go in there with your eyes open.
You can get a refund on this product but it will take some work - check out the online tutorials for Clickbank refunds, useful information for anyone purchasing from the internet.
And good luck!
Date Reviewed: December 1, 2011, 12:09 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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