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Show and Go is a complete training package. Not only does it address all muscle groups, it also builds flexibility and encourages proper nutrition.


In order to use the program the way it is designed, you must be willing to devote at least an hour (sometimes two) each workout day.


If you're serious about fitness and have the extra time, this program will get you exactly where you want to go. Better than a personal trainer, Show and Go is available on your schedule.

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Show and Go Training System from Eric Cressey
Show And Go System Review
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"Show & Go System", by Eric Cressen - Here's Our Review...

Eric Cressey is a well-respected fitness coach who has helped many people reach their goals. In fitness circles, there aren’t many trainers with as complete of a background as Cressey. But when he published the “Show and Go Training System,” his many followers raised a multitude of questions about the system. Put off by the marketing (the website does have a distinct “scammy” feel about it), they had serious doubts that the claims the program made were going to be for real.

The “Show and Go Training System” is a very real conditioning program designed to be useful for people at all levels of fitness. Cressey’s program increases lean muscle and strength in just 16 weeks. He walks you through exercises using a massive 175 part video library, as well as explaining the way the “Show and Go Training System” is designed to work in great detail. A metabolic conditioning program is included with the basic system, as well as an entire section devoted to modifying the exercises in the program to fit the equipment you already own (no added expenses!).

Cressey’s “Show and Go Training System” is built upon the work he does with real clients seeking ways to improve their strength and health. This is the same system he works with on a daily basis. It’s like having a personal trainer, minus the reoccurring expense.

Reviewers Rave

“You will not find a better, more comprehensive, simpler-to-use program for this ridiculous price. Trust me, I seen them all over the years. Many of the programs you see out there with all of the hype and marketing, are just that – hype and marketing. This is the real deal and it is so easy to follow. “ ~Diesel Strength

“Cressey is certainly one of the leading experts on athletic training and strength development, being a former lifting competitor and currently a trainer of a variety of athletes. He knows how to get people to not just look better but to actually be able to perform better in their field of sports.”

“It is hard to find bad points for the Show and Go Training program because it is well made but the 127 dollar price tag may be a bit stiff for some. However, when you look at the bundle and how the program was made you will soon realize that it is in fact a good buy.”

Sixteen Weeks to Success?

Sixteen weeks doesn’t seem like a lot of time to get the results that Cressey claims are possible with his system. Once you look at the system closely, though, you realize that what you’re looking at is essentially a self-imposed boot camp. Cressey’s workouts are intense, designed to be completed 3 to 4 times a week. They’ll keep you working for up to 90 minutes at a time – these are not workouts for the faint of heart. However, users say again and again that these intensives engage the whole body and create a healthy balance between upper and lower muscle groups, as well as building strength while maintaining flexibility.

Cressey focuses on preventing injuries by starting each workout with a battery of warm-up exercises focusing on movement and soft tissue preparation. While these warm-ups may seem excessive, they are designed to keep you loose enough to endure the intense training sessions and live to repeat them. Users report that they feel very little muscle fatigue even after weeks on the program, which is an ideal situation for someone who is not very active and is using the “Show and Go Training System” to help them break free from their cubicles.

While this system can be easily implemented with little more than a gym membership and a lot of enthusiasm, the time spent may be more than most people are willing to commit. After an 8 to 10 hour work day, asking someone to put in another hour and a half (or more, if you have to wait for shared equipment) is asking quite a lot. Although the “Show and Go Training System” was designed for all levels of fitness, in the end this program may be better suited to athletes and people who are already spending significant time at the gym.
Date Reviewed: March 30, 2012, 3:09 pm
Reviewed by Kristi Waterworth
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