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It professionally helps apply and blend makeup; it contains a variety of brushes.


Bristles can separate from the brush, which can be annoying. It also has an unpleasant smell.


If you can't afford MAC, this is the best makeup brush kit to get.

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Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit from Sigma
Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit Review
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Does the Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit Stack Up to the Competition?

It may not hold the same prestige as MAC brushes, but don't let this lesser-name brand fool you: It's as good, if not better, for amateur and professional makeup application. The Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit comes equipped with twelve brushes with super-soft, synthetic bristles that will expertly apply and blend makeup without much work; a good bargain's buy for any die-hard makeup guru. Here is my review.

  • Comes with 12 brushes
  • Bristles are super-soft and synthetic
  • Applies and blends makeup excellently

  • Bristles may separate from brush
  • Has a smell; not always easy to get rid of


Though it's not a top-end brand like MAC, the Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit feels and looks high-end, with super-soft bristles and compact brushes that apply makeup with little fallout. For those needing variety, there's plenty here: It contains 12 face and eye makeup brushes, all specifically designed for a certain part of the makeup process, such as applying foundation, concealer, or blending out harsh eyeshadow. You even get a couple of angled brushes for lining or defining the eyebrows; a real steal.

During application, many customers reported that the bristles felt very soft against the face; it didn't irritate it, which can sometimes occur with cheaper makeup brushes. Most of the brushes also picked up the makeup well, with little makeup fallout. The brushes continued to stay fluffy and soft through repeated applications, so it's good for long-term use--a must-have for the professional or amateur makeup artist.

For easy cleanup, using a professional brush cleaner is highly recommended, otherwise these brushes may be prone to fraying, which can affect its quality. Though it depends on how frequently you use these brushes, bi-monthly cleanings are recommended to help these brushes retain its softness.


The Sigma Beauty Make Me Pretty Brush Kit contains a variety of brushes--from concealer to foundation, to several types of blending and eyeshadow application brushes. For easy identification, each brush is also clearly marked with words explaining what it should be used for, which you'll find imprinted on the side of the brush, by the Sigma logo.

For starters, the face brushes in this set are wonderfully soft, and work well to blend and apply powder, wet foundation, and even bronzer or blush to the face. Fallout is minimal; the bristles literally buff the product into the skin, making the skin look flawless, not cakey or dry. The soft bristles also give the product an airbrushed, soft effect, which makes it look more natural. Unfortunately, these brushes tend to have a lot of "bristle fallout"--essentially, the bristles tend to separate from the brush, ending up on your face. Although it's not excessive, like with ELF brushes, it can be bothersome and hard to clean up.

Sigma's eyeshadow brushes are arguably this kit's best asset, however--being soft but wonderful at picking up pigment. My favorites: The Pencil (E30) is soft yet packed together, which makes it wonderful for packing off pigments on the eyelid without excessive fallout, and does well when paired with their blending eyeshadow brushes, which gives it an airbrushed look. The Small Angle (E65) brush is also good for shading in the eyebrows naturally, without looking too drawn in. The small eyeliner brush also works well during gel eyeliner application, though it's not useful for much else. As a warning, these brushes have an unusual scent--a scent that can be unpleasant for some. A spritz of fragrance and a quick brush wash should get rid of most of the smell, though.

What the Customers Say

Customers and makeup artists alike love this kit--a good starter's kit for amateurs and professionals. Here is what they had to say:

"These brushes are of great quality and really do give me a better finish. I did watch some you-tube videos which were very helpful on makeup application using brushes. I think with the proper care, these brushes will last me for a very long time." - Jodi

"It was everything I was hoping it would be! The case is awesome and now I can do my make up very easily. " - Ana

"I got this amazing products 2 weeks ago and I'm so happy about my purchase!! Brushes are amazing, great quality, even the package is very ellegant." - Aga


It may not be MAC, but Sigma Beauty's brush kit clearly wins here: It's both professional-grade and easy to use.  This beauty kit is a must for all makeup users, and even amateur makeup artists.  Its quality is comparable to Sigma's Mrs. Bunny brush kit.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 2:55 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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