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Professional-grade brushes; vegan-approved.


Bristles still separate from the brush, which can be annoying.


All serious makeup enthusiasts or artists should invest in this kit.

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Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit from Sigma
Sigma Beauty Mrs Bunny Essential Brush Kit Review
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Does the Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit Stack Up to the Competition?

Though not an economical buy ($109), the Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit is worth the splurge: Super-soft bristles and little fallout makes it even comparable to high-end brands such as MAC. Even better news for vegans--all of the brushes contain synthetic SigMAX fibers, making these brushes also cruelty-free products. Here is my review.

  • Bristles are super-soft, leading to flawless, airbrushed application
  • Applies makeup well with little fallout
  • Comes in a small, sturdy case

  • Bristles have a habit of separating from the brush


If you missed my previous review of a similar Sigma Beauty brush kit, I'll repeat the same sentiments here: These brushes are amazingly soft and pick up shadows, foundation, blushes, and bronzers well, with little fallout. Most of this can be credited to Sigma Beauty's special synthetic bristles, called SigMAX fibers, which stay soft even through multiple uses; a must have in any brush kit. Because these bristles are synthetic, they're also vegan as well--and they're a well-loved must-go kit for vegan makeup artists.

As I mentioned in a previous review, Sigma Beauty knows how to craft brushes--and their mixture of face and eye brushes are the perfect mix for the amateur or professional makeup artist. The face brushes are designed to give foundation an airbrushed, natural look, as well as softly apply powder or bronzer without streakage or harsh lines. They also help buff color out, which works well for contouring or highlighting. Their eyeshadow brushes are also equally as soft and durable, and help apply and blend eyeshadow without too much work. For safe storage, the Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit comes in a blue hard case, which helps keep them safe and clean--a nice bonus, and I would highly recommend using this instead of another makeup bag or case.


The Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit is almost identical to a previous brush kit I reviewed, called the Sigma Beauty Make Me Crazy Brush Kit--the main difference is that some of the brushes are sized differently, as well as being slightly cheaper, though it's not really clear why it is. Here's what to expect in this kit:
  • Large Powder brush: Perfect for apply translucent or setting powder all over the skin; the bristles softly apply a wash of powder all over the skin. The bristles are loose but soft, making it easy to sweep over the skin.
  • Duo Fiber brush: This brush is still fairly loose and soft, but is flat at the end, allowing it to sit neatly against the skin while the product is being applied. This brush is best for adding bronzer or adding a slight contour, since it allows you to apply the product with great precision.
  • Large Angle Contour brush: Also soft but loose, this brush has a slight angle to it, which allows it to sit against the hollows of the cheeks, allowing for quick contouring. The soft bristles also allow you to blend the color out.
  • Foundation brush: Though most customers don't use this brush (they prefer the stippling brush for a more natural appearance), this brush is best for applying thick layers of foundation all over the face. Think of it as a paint brush--a way to apply more color to the face, but not necessarily a good tool for blending in color.
  • Tapered Blending brush: This is the perfect blending brush for blending out eyeshadow colors; the tapered ends allows it to sit snugly against the hollows of the eyes. The loose, fluffy end makes it easy to blend out colors.
  • Eye Shading brush: This brush is best for packing on a lot of eyeshadow on the lid; not so much for blending. It's excellent at picking up shadow; it's a must-have for any makeup professional.
  • Large Shader brush: This too is good for packing on color; the difference here is that the brush is twice as big as the eye shading brush.
  • Medium Angle Shading brush: This is best for creating crease cuts or adding colors to the outer corners of the eyelids; it packs on a lot of color. The soft but firm bristles add plenty of pigment wherever desired. 
  • Concealer brush: Like the name implies, this works as a brush to apply and blend concealer. This brush works especially well at it, being small enough to cover small spots yet soft enough to blend concealer into the skin.
  • Pencil brush: This brush is just as small as the concealer brush, but is meant to create lines around the eyes, though it isn't meant for gel eyeliner. For me, I think it works best as a detail brush for eyeshadow, or functions as way to pack on eyeliner in the delicate crease area.
  • Small Angle brush: For precision applying eyeliner or eyebrow shadow, this brush is a must--stiff and slightly angled to fit directly against the contours of the eyes. For extra precision, wet the brush to create crisper, smoother lines.
  • Eyeliner brush: This brush serves one purpose--to act as an eyelining pencil. It adapts the best to gel eyeliners, though eyeshadows or liquid-based liners can also work; it's small enough to create the most precise, thinnest lines. Although it's soft, it's not frayed or fluffy--something you should look for in a quality eyeliner brush.
Overall, all of these brushes are excellent at blending and applying product; a must have for any serious make up artist.

What the Customers are Saying

This just isn't a favorite for me or makeup experts--customers love it as well. Here is what they had to say:

"I am absolutely madly completely in love with these brushes! Not only are they cutest things in the whole wide world, but they are so soft and and distribute your make up in the most beautiful way! I am so with my purchase and I would recommend them to anyone!" - Diana

"This is my second set of brushes I have ordered from Sigma. The first brushes I ordered were just the regular ones, which I though were great until I started using these. These are SO much softer then the regular brushes, and they are so pretty! You get an AMAZING deal... 12 brushes for less then $130.00!" - Cortney

"All I can say is wow! These brushes are so soft and fluffy they feel wonderful on the skin.  They work great applying makeup too! Sorry Mac, but I'm a Sigma Mrs. Bunny brush fan now :o)." - Smashley D


Though Sigma consistently makes excellent brushes, this brush kit is my favorite because of the wonderful range of brushes--they're soft, easy to work with, and make makeup look flawless and airbrushed.  It's a favorite of mine, and a kit I'll continue to use.
Date Reviewed: May 14, 2012, 2:54 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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