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SMS and email allerts Customer service and online help Reputable since est. in 2000

Risky Exists in a trade system plagued with scams

SignalsForex has an edge on risk-management and help services. The website is a clear indicator of how their system works.

SignalsForex Review - Enough "Wins" to Make it Worth Your While?

Itís said that money canít buy happiness. If this statement is true there wouldnít be lotteries, casinos or the search for the elusive money tree. In any of the former situations gambling exists. Beyond the scope of these scenarios, Wall Street and stock exchange was created for big-wig billionaires to increase all of those zeros. As soon as the NYSE opening bell rings at 9:30am EST, the mass trading begins. Itís a no-brainer that this type of selling and buying is a bumpy ride between gains and losses. Unlike the opening and closing bells of the NYSE, forex (also named FX or currency market) trading is a global, round-the-clock, five days a week trading system, keeping a constant ebb and flow of funds. †

While complex in design, as all markets are, forex (acronym for foreign exchange) is based solely on the dollar value of one country against another. It sounds fairly straightforward, right? Well, forex management is the division between Richy-Rich and Dumpster-Diving. Exchange, whether goods or currency, is risky business and comes with both gains and losses. The market of forex is the largest in the world with an impressive average trade value exceeding nearly $4 trillion dollars a day, including all currencies of the world.

If we look specifically at we learn thereís a consistent success rate since it was established in 2000. Their means of sending out information via SMS, email FX alerts and updated site variations, traders are able to monitor their trade route a little closer. The signal delivered at certain times throughout the day permits traders to not only visualize gains and losses but also to actually track their investments while, say, out on the golf course.

Letís dig even further into thisÖ

Unlike conventional trade systems, the Pay As You Go plan was devised to allow traders to pay for net profits rather than the trading itself. It also allows traders to use 1 Ė 10 signals at one time. Theyíve set it up whereas future trading is easy to project. To test the waters of, the site has developed a free subscription (without expiration) where users can trade on one of three signals (s15, p15 and a15). SignalsForex is known for its customer support, risk management services and concise statistics that traders can rely on.†

Going one step further, SignalsForex was the first of its kind to provide guaranteed pip-subscription on the FX market.

As stated earlier, forex trade doesnít pertain to goods but rather the pairing of currency (USD vs. EUR for example). But, how do we take the financial terminology out of it so the bulk of us can understand whatís on the go of our hard earned dollars? Defining it helps.

  • Signals Ė Based on analysis (through charting or news-events), this trading system is often the culmination of a handful of signals, which together, establish buy/sell information.
  • Pips Ė Acronym for Percentage in Point and refers to the evaluation of: 1 pip = 1/100th of 1 percent.
  • Pairing Ė Trading one currency for another (see example below).

You bought the pairing of the EUR/USD at 1.40. You then sell it for 1.41. You earned 100 pips. Congratulations!

Sure, youíve gained 100 pips but itís easy to fall into a trap. While is reputable, there are plenty of scam FX sites out there (and by this I mean, extensive amounts come onto internet each day) and, as we all know, if itís too good to be true, it probably is.†

The answer to all of this isnít if forex trading is right for you. Instead, the question is if you enter the world of FX, shouldnít you choose a company that has a proven track record?

Date Reviewed: October 12, 2011, 10:55 am
Reviewed by melissamac
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