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Silver Lotto System (by Ken Silver) REVIEW - Does it actually work?

'Silver Lotto - helping lottery players win worldwide since 1991.'
Can it really be true?
Ken Silver's, 'Secret 1-Minute, 100% Guaranteed Lottery System' for only 40 bucks?
Ken Silver does not claim that he can predict the main winning numbers (that, as everyone knows, is statistically impossible), but he does say his system can 'boost lottery win odds' by up to 98%.
'Easy step-by-step directions for any lottery game in the world.'
And you don't have to spend a fortune to get great results, apparently.
Ken Silver claims to offer 'undisputed proof' from hundreds of winner testimonials.
And it is true that there are many customer comments on the site. Some of them beaming next to new cars or happy after being able to donate to their church.
In less that 30 minutes, according to Mr Silver, they have set up their Silver Lotto system which 'could multiply your winning choices thousands of times.'
Mr Silver is disparaging about other lottery systems, saying that he doesn't even check them any more because they don't live up to their promises.
A software free zone, he says of his system.
No complex code, nothing fussy or difficult. 
You only need a pen and paper 'just like Grandma used to do things.'
And no promises of a major win (although lots of customer testimonials to that effect), just a 'huge increase with your changes of winning.'
Obviously, there is no way of checking out the Silver Lotto system without purchasing it. 
But there are some betting forums where people discuss such systems.
'Has anyone actually tested this?' asked one user.
Just what we were wondering...
And the answers are not encouraging.
'I paper tested with the actual numbers I use on the lottery and it was useless.'
'I think that I tried something like 100 lines and would have won only a few quid.'
'At the end of the day, it all depends on the numbers you pick, not how you select them in different lines.''I've tested the Ken Silver method myself for the Belgian Lotto (for over two years of draws!), with no luck at all (not even a secondary prize). Good thing that I didn't play for real, or it would have cost me quite a lot of money.'
There are some dedicated websites which say the system worked for them - but on all independent forums and discussions, nobody was winning.
The system appears to have been around for a few years. It used to be called Honest Lotto.
The word on the street is that it is a lottery wheel system; a method of choosing and arranging lottery numbers in order to have a better chance at winning prizes.  Wheel systems target the smaller second and third tier prizes
And it gets worse: customers report never receiving their eBook after paying for it. 
And then they have difficulties in getting responses from Ken Silver to their queries, complaints and requests for the 'money-back' guarantee.
'Don't risk it,' says one forum user. 'Stay away from'
The system, according to people who have tested it, does not pan out.
Here is one customer's experience:
'I live in the UK. On 21 Oct 2009  I purchased (online) Silver lotto & Lotto Extra system at a cost of $79. After 48 hours I recieved nothing. I e-mailed him, and got a lame tale about a computer virus holding things up. 24 hours later, he sent me a PDF file which would not open. I have repeatedly emailed him back asking for him to send me what I have bought, all I get is a reply telling me to use his support page. I have used this support page about 10 times now, it gets totally ignored... Bottom line, he has not delivered and also not refunded money as promised.'
Of course you can try it if you like, but I think the 'too good to be true' rule is evidenced here.
Silver Lotto is too good to be true!
Date Reviewed: November 30, 2011, 1:33 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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