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Contains everything you need to improve your golf swing by focusing on the fundamentals and consistency.


You do have to read and then apply the knowledge in the guide correctly.


This is a real winner that will greatly improve your golf swing when taken seriously.

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Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt
Simple Golf Swing Review
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A good golf swing is the essence of everything else you will do in golf. Bad habits and errors in the swing cause you to lose games and rack up high scores. Proper swing lowers your score and also gives you the confidence and stability needed to take shots of all types.

The Simple Golf Swing Guide aims to help golfers identify and correct bad habits in the swing such as:

∑††††††† Keep hitting the ball to the left/right

∑††††††† keep hitting behind or on top of the ball (topping, slicing and hooking)

∑††††††† Suffer from inconsistent shots

∑††††††† Have a high handicap because your drive is not strong or long enough

If youíve invested a lot of money into memberships and golf equipment only to find yourself frustrated at the game, then you may be desperate for answers but hesitant to dump more money into anything golf. So hereís what you need to know about this guide before you open your wallet.

One of the best golf guides on the market

This is one of the best guides on golf currently on the market, specifically out of those devoted to improving your swing. This system gives you consistency, which is the most important thing needed to excel in golf.

How Does it Work?

This 31-page guide focuses on the fundamentals of improving ball flight with swing mechanics. It will tell you unique points in the swing that add consistency. With practice, you will gain power through consistent swings.

The Good

The product is very effective, is jam-packed with useful information and it comes with a great number of bonuses. This makes it really worth the investment price for all that you get. It focuses on are technique, consistency and psychology- the elements of a successful golf swing.

It doesnít contain a bunch of jargon or theory- just real tips on how to take direct steps to change your swing today. I got this guide not only for myself but also to be able to help my children improve their golf swings. They found the information easy to understand and apply with a little help from me.

The Bad

While Iím hard pressed to say anything bad about this product, in order to give a fair review, there are a few things you should know. First, itís not really geared towards a golf newbie. If you do not already know how to hold the club correctly, youíre taking a step too far in getting this guide. Itís more for players who want to correct bad habits or step up their game.

Another downside is that it is in all text so it will require you to read and then apply this knowledge on your own. Some people work better this way than others. Regardless of how you learn, another downside is that it will take some time, effort and practice to shift your thinking patterns from the old way you used to do them.

When you first implement the new swing techniques, youíre probably going to find your swing is all messed up. This happens to most golfers any time you change the swing. However, with persistence, you will see the results and youíll be glad you stuck it out.

The Final Verdict

The guide says:

Armed with this simple methodology golfers can:

  • Master the swing mechanics that will bring accuracy and distance to your drives
  • Learn a breakthrough set-up that automatically gives you the correct swing plane
  • Master the one-piece takeaway to ensure your swing is flawlessly connected
  • Eliminate your slice and discover how to consistently hit the ball straight-on

I tend to agree. The product boasts a 95% success rate and me, my husband and my children all learned something from it. Iíd say itís worth it if you are willing to take it seriously and follow the steps outlined in the book.

Date Reviewed: March 12, 2012, 12:22 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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