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SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio Review From: SiriusXM

Sound quality is excellent, given its size.

A subscription is required to use it; connection problems are also common.

This is a must buy for any serious radio lover.

Is the SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio Worth the Hype?

If you'd rather enjoy satellite radio in the privacy of your own home instead of your vehicle, here's SiriusXM's latest solution: SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio. Portable and discreet, this radio allows you to listen to your favorite Internet radio stations from anywhere in your house--and all you need is a working high-speed Internet connection. Here is my review.


Design-wise, SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio contains only the bare basics--there's no option to rewind live radio content or view intricate backgrounds on the radio's display, like the SiriusXM Wi-Fi Portable Radio. What you get in return is a simple-to-use interface, however, with smooth dials and a tiny display for showing currently playing content (such as songs or programs). Don't expect it to be as small as vehicle-ready satellite radios, however, as this radio measures 13.2 by 9.5 inches, making it slightly bigger than most standard satellite radios. As a plus side, it tends to be lighter than most satellite radios, weighing it at a light 8 ounces.

Though color selection is once again limited here--the radio only comes in a standard black--the design is modern enough to fit in with any decor, and the display's personal color options can be changed to suit your personal tastes. As with all Sirius XM models, you can also save your favorite stations using any of its 10 presets, which are all found alongside the bottom of the radio, below the display screen. The radio also sits upright on any desk, nightstand, or wherever you choose to place it. All that is required is that you have a flat surface to put it on.


Feature-wise, the SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio is a bit different from its vehicle-ready versions--although the tuning functions are relatively the same, Sirius XM has made a few key changes to make it more home-friendly. For instance, connecting to satellite radio now requires a high-speed Internet connection; previous models did not require this. Broadband is highly recommended, and those with poor Internet connections will become frustrated with this radio, as buffering and skipping commonly occurs at slower speeds.

As an addition I find to be quite enticing, the SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio also comes with dual alarms--both sleep and snooze--which work by turning on your radio to your favorite channel when it's time to get up. There's no need to set up the time individually with this radio either, as it does this automatically over the Internet. Brightness is also automatically adjusted, based on the lighting in the room.

Other features are fairly commonplace--once again, you'll be able to view song titles and artists on the radio's tiny display screen, you can save favorite channels, and powerful, high-fidelity speakers help amplify sound in crystal-clear quality.


Although the SiriusXM Tabletop Internet Radio is actually a big improvement from previous models, it still faces major connectivity and functional issues. Malfunctions are commonplace, but often occur after the 90 day mark--coincidentally, this is also when the radio's warranty expires, so you'll have to buy a new one in order to enjoy the radio once more. Connectivity problems also seem to occur at the same rate, making it nearly impossibly for Internet radio to play, even with good connection speeds. These problems are often not alleviated by SiriusXM, leaving customers to deal with these problem themselves--not a good thing.

To top it all off, you cannot listen to any Internet radio station with this radio--you must commit to SiriusXM, which requires a costly subscription fee to access.

Customer Reviews
"it was great while it lasted. My radio is now suffering from the same connection problems which others have reported. First it would not connect to the network at all. After powering off, unplugging, factory reset, and entering my credentials a few times it started to work again... for two weeks. Now it connects, starts to buffer, then says network timeout." - customer
"Excellent table-top radio; easy to set up; great build quality and excellent small-box sound. Radio does NOT get internet radio stations other than SiriusXM which, if it had, would have been a great feature (online literature does say that but I missed it)" - Amos
"Sound quality is better than via satellite (less compression), and while not all sat. channels are on Sirius Internet Radio, there are some that are unique to SIR. Best of all, if the Sirius satellite subscription to which you're adding SIR also has Best of XM, then you get those Best of XM channels on the TTR1 as well. " - Bruce

  • Small and lightweight
  • Delivers Internet radio at home
  • Sound quality is excellent

  • Need an Internet connection, preferably broadband
  • Connection problems are common
  • Need an active SiriusXM subscription to use it

Though connectivity problems are still an issue here, this radio delivers high-quality sound and numerous listening options for a very affordable price. Recommendation: This is a must buy.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:51 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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