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The most successful online business building platform has been updated and improved for over 14 years by the author who wrote the book on e-commerce "Make Your Site Sell." Excellent professional support and private Site Build It forums included.


SBI is essentially developed "for creating large article/content sites (authority sites)" which may not be what some internet marketers want to do.


Reviewers, including professional internet marketers, agree that SBI is a winner. You own your domain, and your content - and get a risk-free trial with a 90 day money-back satisfaction and success guarantee.

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Site Built It (SBI) from
Site Build It SBI REVIEW Is SBI A Real Online Business Building Solution
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Site Build It (SBI) from

"Site Build It" (SBI) is an excellent website building software program from, founded by Dr. Ken Evoy author of the ground breaking 1997 e-book "Make Your Site Sell." What separates from the more recent companies entering the market, is that provides the process & all the tools to build a successful online business - not just a website., the Web Information Company, reports that has a  web traffic rank of 241 out of all the websites in the USA, and has over 100,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners using its services. OK, let's evaluate what has to offer and explore whether "Site Build It" is a suitable product to help you achieve your specific goals.

Whether you are a complete novice, an entrepreneur with an idea or a business owner wanting to get online, the authentic SBI owner's testimonials from a wide variety of business owners with different backgrounds is impressive. They all note the fact that SBI offers a business building platform with a specific process, C-T-P-M, that has guided them to success. Create Content (C), attract Traffic (T), PreSell your visitors (P), and Monetize your site (M). This often imitated and widely copied process is a must learn to achieve online success for an e-business!

So I'm already asking myself, this sounds good, but is there anything to back up the story? Turns out SBI was taught as a college class "Building a Successful Business Using the Internet" at over 30 universities & colleges, including The University of Arizona, The Citadel, Baruch College, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley, and is now offered as an online program with a risk-free trial.

Benefits of "Site Build It"

The main benefit of SBI is that it offer all the tools needed to build an online business in one place - truly an all-in-one solution to the site building dilemma. Preparation starts with a 10 day/step written Action Guide that is complemented by a Video version so you can read & watch to learn the process with a Business Building Checklist, the Site Concept Finder and Brainstorm It V.3 tool to research keywords and gain knowledge of the market, and find your niche you plan to enter, and compete in with your business model. Other tools SBI users liked: Analyze It, checks your pages as you build them, to be search engine optimized; Automatic XML Sitemap creation, generation and updating on all your pages for search engines to crawl your site better. Reviewers are impressed with the new CSS-stylesheet enabled and modern looking HTML templates. SBI owners especially like Content 2.0 that lets you Web 2.0 your site where your visitors create content for you, for free, just like on social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google+. With SBI - it goes on and on, with over 80 tools! You have to ask yourself:

Why have your domain at company X, your hosting at company Y, and your link building at company Z? When you can have everything you need at one professional, comprehensive, all-in-one source: Site Build It at

Get started now and you can build an online business you have always thought about but never really had the resources to start. SBI gives you everything you need to be successful - all you need is effort. Visit the website or watch the video below to check it out.


We suggest you take the opportunity of the risk-free, 90 day trial, for $299 a year (about $25 a month). There is no way to get over 80 business site building tools anywhere for this price. "Site Built It" is an exceptional value at less than a dollar a day!

Make Money Working From Home With SBI
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Date Reviewed: January 4, 2012, 10:21 am
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