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Relatively cheap Lots of templates available Reseller rights to the templates Friendly support Easy to edit these templates


Some templates are very dull You can find some free templates online No testimonials No money-back guarantee


If you know nothing about websites and one of the templates on SiteBeans catches your eye, go for it. You'll pay twice as much somewhere else. If you are making a lot of sites at once, SiteBeans is a great resource. If you already have a website, you might want to just check out the intros to enhance your site's appearance. If you have Dreamweaver or some other site building software, you probably won't need this.

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SiteBeans from Epinoisis Software
SiteBeans Review
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SiteBeans (Website Templates) - REVIEW

SiteBeans is a rather old web template site that's been around since 2006 and odds are you've never heard of it. This is due to quite a few factors that I'll explain in a minute. Sitebeans is a cut and dry site that has all kinds of web templates for sale that you can use to make your own site related to pretty much anything you want. This is a step up from the casual blogger and is geared more toward someone who wants a professional looking website of their own without having to learn HTML or use other software they are unfamiliar with or is very expensive.

This site doesn't have a lot of exposure and many haven't heard of it because it's small in the world of web template sites. That's actually a very good thing if you're planning to start a site or have a small business and are looking to get it online. Larger sites that have web templates suffer from duplication issues. The top template site will sell most things on their front page multiple times and if someone makes a website in the same niche as you (such as golf) you'll end up with people being confused as the sites look almost identical even if the web address is completely different. If the web address is similar it's even worse.

Smaller sites like SiteBeans help keep your site unique because hopefully not a whole lot of people have bought that exact same template and have it live on the Internet. The issue of keeping a unique site is an issue about SiteBeans that I'll talk about toward the end of this article.

What Does SiteBeans Offer?

Web Templates

This is basically the skeleton of your website. It has the pictures and clickable buttons you need to help people navigate around your site. This is all done for you, you just need to plug in information to make it "your own" site. You will have to upload this template to your site after you have a domain name for it using some kind of FTP program. Some templates offer animated elements to make it look more professional or just more fun.

Flash Intros

You know those neat sites that you visit and the first thing you see is a smooth animation of some kind? That's usually a Flash Intro. These can be good or bad depending on your site. If you have a site about dogs, a nice flash intro with something dog related or just transitioning into your site can add to how professional it looks. If your site is about something that is needed right now like plumbing emergencies, this will probably be a bad idea because time is a key factor to your visitors when their toilet is overflowing.


SiteBeans has a good support system and they can help you with the basics such as what FTP is and how to use it easily. You'll need to do this to get your site running and having someone help makes it very easy, even for someone with minimal computer skills. They will answer any questions you may have.

Can't I Build A Site Myself?

This is the major component of SiteBeans that will eliminate some customers. If you know how to make a template yourself, you don't have a reason to buy one unless it has a specific feature you want. Flash components and forms are something even new web designers can't do particularly well and it's easy to have it built in. 

Using site building software works well too but something like Dreamweaver will cost you a lot up front and can be difficult to fiddle with unless you also get a "how to" book or use a lot of tutorials. This is all very time consuming and SiteBeans makes it easier, especially if you're not 100% sure what you're doing.

What About Keeping The Site Unique?

This is what I mentioned earlier in the article. SiteBeans allows you to modify and sell their templates yourself if you feel like it. You can buy one, change the color 10 times and sell 10 different templates to whoever you want. Naturally, this is a nice little money making opportunity. The downside is, imagine if you bought a plain red template. You make 10 variations of it and sell them all without limitations. Those 10 people modify them and sell 10 versions, etc. You now have hundreds of very similar looking sites around the Internet and people don't particularly like that as it makes your website look bland and uninspired. This is the only downside I've found to SiteBeans really.

User Testimonials

Well, due to the hidden nature of this site, there aren't really any testimonials around and I really checked everywhere. This is more of an "inside" site that not many know about. 

The Bottom Line

If you visit the official SiteBeans website, you'll see various pricing for site credits. To buy a single template is about $29 if you only get one. The more you plan to buy, the bigger the package you should get as this drives down individual template price quite a bit. You can get a ton of them at about $6 each if you pay over $180 up front. 

Purchasing a lot of templates at once isn't something your average user would do and that's geared more for those looking to start a large online presence with a lot of sites at once. The single templates really vary in quality so you need to flip through them to find something you like. Some are very plain, some are pretty bad honestly but there are quite a few gems in there. 

If you don't want to build a site yourself or simply don't know how and don't want to deal with that, SiteBeans, like other template sites helps you get things going quickly and easily at about 1/2 the price of more popular template sites.
Date Reviewed: February 27, 2012, 9:45 pm
Reviewed by Robert Sunset
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