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A+ with BBB, excellent online rep, risk free guarantee, they do the dirty work so you don't have to.


Hopefully your credit score is not beyond repair!


Two thumbs up! I'm glad Sky Blue is doing the job so no one else has to!

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Sky Blue Review Credit Score Matters
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Sky Blue Review - Credit Score Matters!

Credit Score Matters:

Unfortunately, in the world of credit scores, mistakes of the past can come back to haunt you and usually at the most awkward moment. Sometimes you're not even aware you have bad credit until you're ready to buy a car or make some other major purchase. Then you're in real trouble because your loan rate goes through the roof, if you can even get a loan at all.

If you've landed here I'm assuming you've hit a wall with your credit score and you're wondering how to handle it. You may have a clear picture of what's caused it. Just to cover the basics, your credit rating revolves around your FICO score. The majority of your FICO score (35%) is based on your payment history. They look for consistency in paying your bills and loans. The second largest chunk (30%) is the result of your outstanding debt. The more money you owe, the more likely a bank will view you as risky, even if you're paying off current bills consistently, which seems unfair but that's the way the game is played.

Another 15% of your score is based on how long you've had credit, with longer term being better/safer in the bank's eyes. 10% is based on how many companies have inquired about your credit history in the past year. You know all that junk mail you get with "pre-approved" credit checks lenders have done? That stuff actually contributes to this number so you should get on the national registry that prohibits lenders from doing them. 

The final 10% is based on whether you have major purchase loans, like for your car or house, as opposed to rotating credit which can be used for any purchases. They want to see stability in your buying habits. It's helpful to know these figures because there may be more than one contributing factor to your bad rating and it's possible that one of these is easily correctible. It's also helpful to know the most important areas to focus on: payment history and outstanding debt.

Yikes! What if I'm in Trouble?!

The good news is the collections industry is an imperfect system and there are loopholes which could make the process of fixing your credit a whole lot easier. For example if your debt is past the statute of limitations for collectability, creditors wil still come after you but if you know your rights they can't do a thing. Some debts are also past the reporting period limits which renders them meaningless. And sometimes they just send a collection letter to the wrong person and bureaucracy is to blame. 

But whether or not your credit rating is justified you still have to do something about it. It affects so many aspects of your life. You don't want that hanging over your head and you don't want exorbitant loan rates. 

What does Sky Blue have to offer?

There are a few reasons Sky Blue is rated so highly for credit repair. The company has been in business since 1989. Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the BBB and has managed to maintain the highest ethical standards in… let's face it… a borderline business! They're in strict compliance with the federal law that governs the industry and the proof of that is their sterling online reputation. I could not find anything on them in ripoff report or other user complaint forums, which is unusual and a good indicator of the service they provide.

I'm sure this is partly due to their risk free guarantee. They will flat out refund your money if you're not satisfied. With an offer like that, no one ever needs to complain. Me like Sky Blue. 

But why not do it yourself? 

Now we get down to the value Sky Blue really offers. Basically, these systems that control your credit rating are a bureaucratic and legal morass. You have to ask yourself: 1. How valuable is your time? 2. Do you really want to spend it fishing around for loopholes in complex laws and chasing your history with a fine toothed comb? I, personally, would rather live in an ice house in greenland… and I hate the cold (that comparison just came to me… not bad, eh?) 

Anyway, you get my drift. Not only can I think of a million and one more productive ways to spend your time but then there is the glaring matter of efficiency. If you think you can just enter a system like credit repair and find your way around… good luck. It's a mind-numbingly tedious jungle. All this to say… let the pros, who have done this a million times and know all the fine print, do the job for you. Yes, there are absolutely steps you can take to improve your credit and it's entirely possible part of your low rating is completely unjustified or beyond the statute of limitations. Hopefully that's the case in your situation. 

My wrap-up:

The BBB gives Sky Blue an A+ and so do I. They're doing what I would never have the patience for and they do it with a money back guarantee.

Date Reviewed: March 23, 2012, 9:12 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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