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Effective for some. Variety of tracks available to deal with different types of sleep problems.


Results may depend on the causes of your insomnia. Expensive.


Many people have found this useful for their insomnia. Worth trying.

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Sleep Tracks Review
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SleepTracks (Audio Program) by Yan Muckle - REVIEW

'Wave Insomnia Goodnight,' says Yan Muckle, creator of Sleeptracks.
It's a good line, evoking thoughts of peacefully drifting into wonderful, restful sleep using the 'waves' of sound specially captured on the audio tracks, designed to soothe you into la la land.
Yan says that he struggled with insomnia most of his life and now 'sleeps like a baby.'
How many of us have watched a baby sleeping and thought, 'if only'?
And it seems to get worse as we get older: difficulty getting off to sleep no matter how tired we are, fragmented nights, waking up in the small hours, it's no fun, and of course anxiety about sleep only makes it worse.
The merry-go-round of the mind whirring constantly till the birds start chirping out there in the dark.
Sleeptracks is an interesting concept. 'Brain technology,' says Yan. 'Even if you're stressed out and anxious.'
He calls the audio technology in Sleepworks 'brainwave entrainment'. The rhythmic pulses, 'safely and gently guide your brain into sleep — and help it stay asleep.'
So no sleeping pills, no side-effects, no dependencies.
Sleeping pills may help in the short term, but as anyone who's taken them will tell you, it's much much worse when you stop! And the groggy days following a pill-induced night are almost as bad.
Sleeptracks consists of audio downloads. There are different tracks to help with different situations: Firstly an 'Insomnia Buster' which is not designed to put you to sleep but to 're-train your brain’s activity during the day, so you’ll sleep soundly at night.' This is for those of us whose brains produce non-stop chatter.
Then there's the 'Fall Asleep' track for avoiding all that pointless trying, all that counting sheep while you toss and turn. Designed to lead your brain into slower and slower brainwaves, Yan says that tense and anxious people get betters results with this track. 
Plus a 'Whole Night' track for those who wake frequently in the night or have light, fragmented sleep.
These are just a sample of what is available on the 5 videos. Sleeptracks costs $69.95 for the basic package and there are lots of comprehensive and detailed testimonials from customers on the website - check them out, along with Yan's videos (with sleeptracks as backing).
But what we really want to hear is independent reports on this product. Well the first thing to say is that there are many causes of insomnia, and the consensus is that the effectiveness of Sleeptracks depends on the individual.
It does work for some:
'I had anxiety and non stop chatter problems, which kept me awake, and the insomnia buster track is what worked for me.'
'Sleep Tracks is great! I took anything I could get to let me sleep for 25 years. After using sleep tracks for 2 weeks or so I now sleep all through the night. It is a real blessing, I would recommend it to anyone.'
Great endorsements, but not universal.
'I've been listening to the tracks off with Mr. Yan for a few weeks now. It was extremely expensive, and it hasn't helped.'
There are many helpful discussion forums on the topic of insomnia and many of them recommend examining your lifestyle and environment as a starting point. Look at your sleep cycle, environmental issues, your daytime routine, preparing for bed and try sleep meditations. 
It is a plus for Sleeptracks that the package includes a variety of tracks tailored for specific challenges. It certainly seems to be a viable option that works well for some people.
'The track Insomnia Buster was the breakthrough for my insomnia.'
And other sufferers found that 'white noise' tracks and 'placebo' tracks (which block out all background noise) were more helpful than the Sleeptracks downloads.
There is no talk of Sleeptracks on medical websites and no proof that it will work for you - so take advantage of the 60 day return policy if you do decide to buy.

But if this product works for you then you'll be very happy to spend the money.

Sweet dreams!
Date Reviewed: December 14, 2011, 5:41 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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