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Natural ingredients, less chances of side effects, the customer satisfaction level compared to the people who were not satisfied is 5:1


The company’s identity is unknown, no clinical study to support the company’s claims about the efficacy of the product


If you are looking for a natural supplement to help you quit smoking, try Smoke Deter in consultation with a physician.

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Smoke Deter (Stop Smoking/Cessation Aid) REVIEW - Does it actually work?

Smoke Deter is a homeopathic spray formula that serves as a smoking cessation aid. It helps curb craving for nicotine and supports your efforts to quit smoking. The company claims that the results with this spray treatment can be effective enough to help you end the smoking habit permanently. The homeopathic ingredients in this formula have been known to treat nicotine symptoms for many decades.

The company that sells Smoke Deter has not disclosed its identity on its official website. However, it reveals that the company was founded in 2002, and has earned a good reputation in the field of health and beauty products since then. The company is also a member of the Natural Products Association, which is a premier organization for the natural products industry in the United States.


The company claims that Smoke Deter is a 100 percent natural product, which makes it safe and without any known side effects. The product also does not have any known interactions with other medications. The key benefit of the product is that it helps reduce discomfort and relieves the withdrawal symptoms that may occur when you try to quit your smoking habit.

Smoke Deter also helps subdue the urge to consume nicotine, which had addictive properties. That makes it an effective support system for people who are in favor of undermining and breaking that powerful smoking habit they possess. The product is easy to use, and is provided in spray form that must be taken sublingually for faster results. It contains no animal ingredients, which means no allergy tests are necessary before using Smoke Deter.


The active homeopathic ingredients in Smoke Deter include Black Spruce, which helps relieve stubborn cough, headache and restlessness that may arise during your efforts to quit smoking. It also includes Aconitum Napellus, a plant extract that helps calm mental and physical stress and restlessness, dry throat and chest pain. Aresenicum Iodatum provides relief from bronchitis-like symptoms that many regular smokers suffer from.

It also contains oat extract that serves as a nerve soother and treats addiction symptoms. St. Ignatius Bean is a homeopathic remedy to relieve cramping pain, headaches, and any heavy sensations in the chest. Pulmo-porcine provides relief from lung and bronchial inflammation. Poison Nut calms sleeplessness and stress related symptoms. Plantago Major is known to cause distaste for tobacco, and Tabacum helps curb the craving for tobacco.

Smoke Deter Club

With your first order of Smoke Deter, the company offers you a free lifetime membership of its online Quit Smoking program. This program is exclusively available only to the customers of Smoke Deter. It works as a support system for your efforts to permanently quit the habit of smoking.


The company sells Smoke Deter at a variable price. One month’s supply is sold at $39.95, two months’ supply at $69.95, four months’ supply at $119.95, and six months’ supply at $159.95. The product is sold online through the company’s official website.


Smoke Deter is not a medical treatment of any kind. The content of this product review must not be construed as a medical advice, and the product may not be suitable in your case. Consult a physician before using this formula to assist your efforts to quit smoking.

What Others are Saying

Customer opinion about Smoke Deter appears to be fairly positive. The leading website,, lists five customer reviews about this product. Four out of these five reviews are quite positive, and show a high degree of customer satisfaction with the product. One review is negative and shows the customer’s disappointment with the results. That is a pretty good ratio though, in favor of Smoke Deter. 

Date Reviewed: November 23, 2011, 10:28 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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