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100% guarantee, lifetime warranty, top quality brand


other brands have a wider variety of nicotine density and flavors


Smoke Frii are definitely worth checking out.

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Smoke Frii E Cigarettes from smokefrii.com
Smoke Frii Will You Go Smoke Free With This E Cigarette
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Smoke Frii Review - Will you go Smoke Free with this E Cigarette?

How do you choose an E Cigarette brand?

The look of Smoke Frii kinda makes me think of Parliaments but I can't attest to whether they taste like Parliaments. I'll be getting a kit soon enough so will post an updated review once that happens. I got to thinking, though about how we end up smoking the brand we do. With cigarettes it's pretty much about what brands were most easily accessible (i.e. which your parents and friends smoked) and then, which one you liked the taste of. I think it's psychological too. I ended up smoking Marlboro Lights because someone I was dating smoked them and I would just bum them. Part of their appeal was the bonding that happened when we smoked together.

The world of e cigarettes is a whole new ball game! First of all, you can only purchase most brands online and they each have their own website to fish through for information. Second, they're only just catching on so it's not like you're surrounded by lots of people smoking a bunch of different brands. Finally, unlike regular cigarettes where all you have to worry about is taste and strength, e cigarettes rely on several components to deliver your "smoke" (water vapor actually). Some have 3 parts, some have 2 and they have to be charged. 

So when you're deciding on an e cigarette, there's a few different elements to take into account. Are the components reliable? How much do they cost compared to other brands? How much vapor do they deliver per puff? Then there are the considerations of flavor and strength. So, a lot to sort through.

So how does Smoke Frii stack up? 

Smoke Frii offers a 100% guarantee with a lifetime warranty, which is an excellent place to start! By the way don't bother clicking on the "Learn more" button on their home page because it's disabled at the moment. If you go up top to Premiere Brand it takes you to the "learn more" page. You can check out why they beat the competition from there. 

In a nutshell Frii offers a two piece system, consisting of a battery and a filter which is considered simpler and more reliable than 3 piece models. Smoke Frii also claim their batteries last longer. They are the same size as a regular cigarette which is a plus in my book and they come in 4 strengths and 6 flavors including menthol, tobacco, coffee, strawberry, vanilla and cherry. 

Their starter kit is $79.95 which is competitive or you can try out their mini kit for just $39.95 or a single disposable for $14.95. With a 30 day money back guarantee there's no risk, whatever you choose.

I would say check them out. Their site is solid and reliable and there are positive reviews, especially touting their draw and throat hit, two essential features. But the favorable reviews are mainly on review sites which can be unreliable. If you really want to learn about a brand you have to catch people talking off the cuff in the forums. Smoke Frii are a newer brand and have not developed a buzz yet in the real forums, where users are discussing their genuine experience in a casual, un-self-conscious way. Although I will say I noticed one post about someone who made an easy transition from smoking cigs as a result of a travelling salesman hawking Smoke Frii. That's a very good indicator. Later on, he complained about their battery life. That's a common complaint about e cigs in general. It's tough to find a battery that lasts all day.


The only way you're going to know is to try for yourself and it may take a few brands until you find the one that works for you. It's well worth it though when you consider the improvements to your health… and your wallet!! Their lifetime warranty and money back guarantee make trying Smoke Frii a no risk investment. 

If you're brand new to the e cigarette world and you're looking for a great starter kit, my recommend would actually be Green Smoke which is the most popular brand out there at the moment. There's a lot of buzz around Green Smoke and they're growing fast which means easier access to their products over time. Check out my review of Green Smoke.

To check out Smoke Frii and save 15% enter coupon code ecigsbest when you complete your purchase.

Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 3:32 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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