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wider variety of flavors, more nicotine density options, drip resistant battery and compatible with e liquid from other companies


No big cons definitely worth a try


A forum fave, two thumbs up!

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Smokeless Image E Cigarettes from Smokeless Image
Smokeless Image Will This E Cigarette Improve Your Image
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Smokeless Image Review - Will This E Cigarette Improve Your Image?

If you're a smoker, Smokeless Image will definitely improve your breath, your lungs, the smell of your clothes, your popularity with non-smokers and your wallet!!! Not a bad place to start! It'll also improve your sense of freedom ("smoke" it anywhere… even where smoking is prohibited), the environment (no more cigarette butts clogging land fills and polluting the water supply) and your physical well being (none of the @ 601 carcinogens found in cigarettes… just straight nicotine.)

Smokeless Image e cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking

Smokeless Image (or any e cigarette) is not legally permitted to promote themselves as a way to quit smoking. E cigarettes are a developing market and the government wants to make sure the market is properly regulated. That said, there have been numerous studies world wide (the latest being at Boston University) which show that at the very least e cigarettes like Smokeless Image are a much safer, healthier alternative to smoking. Whether you choose to try using it the same way you would nicotine gum or a patch, is entirely up to you. 

One cool feature is that you can control the amount of nicotine you're getting per drag (as opposed to the time released patch). The down side to that is, like drinking, you have to know your own limit. Nicotine is addictive. The e cigarette solution is to provide you with varying levels of nicotine density so you can choose your level (unfiltered to ultra lite to zero) and regulate the equivalent to a pack a day, two packs a day, etc. You also get the satisfaction of the physical act of drawing on something and feeling the inhale (in the case of e cigarettes it's vapor, not smoke).

Why Smokeless Image e Cigarettes?

For starters, Smokeless image offers a wider variety than most of their competition. They've taken care to give you options that reflect typical smoker faves. With names like "Desert Joe" "Freedom" and "Cowboy" you can clearly get the reference. So if you want to simulate your current smoking experience as closely as possible Smokeless Image is a great choice for you. The competitors typically offer one signature tobacco flavor along with a bunch of sweet flavors. Smokeless Image offers 7 tobacco flavors (including 2 menthol options) as well as 8 sweet flavors.

More importantly, the Smokeless Image Volt is one of the most highly regarded e cigarettes out there... and that's saying a lot. The Volt is consistently recommended in forums for providing the best, most consistent vaping experience. You might have noticed the folks on those forums are a tough crowd. It takes a lot to impress them and they cannot stand hype! Since the Volt is recommended so frequently by people in the know, you can be confident Smokeless Image provides the quality to back it up.

They also give you more range with the level of nicotine, with 5 options from zero to unfiltered (24mg) When you're selecting your flavor, if the nicotine strength option you want is not in the scoll down bar, that just means it's temporarily out of stock. You can speak to Smokeless Image about it via live chat or call them at their 877 # to order exactly what you want. 

Another cool feature is that you can order blanks for your refill liquid. That means if you like the Smokeless Image kit, you can use it with  any liquid you like from somewhere else. If you'd like to go that route I recommend checking out  VirginVapor. Their e juice is 100% made in the U.S. which means no hassle shipping and excellent quality control. They're also highly recommended in the forums and they have organic flavors! But if you're new to the vaping game, to keep things simple you might want to just start with some pre-filled cartridges from Smokeless Image. 

Smokeless Image also have what they call Drip Resistent Automatic Batteries. Some e cigarettes are not well designed and if they're in the wrong position the e liquid can leak into the battery or into your mouth before vaporizing. The Smokeless Image Drip Resistent batteries is a sign that this company recognized a need for improvement and was sensitive to customer demand. An excellent sign for a company in an emerging market. 

So how's their Image?

All in all, with the Volt's reputation, their moneyback guarantee and 3 month warranty I'd say Smokeless Image is definitely worth taking for a test run. In my book, they've got a sparkling image which will definitely improve yours!

Check out Smokeless Image. Use coupon code YOURVOLT63 for 10% off! Enter it in the coupon box and the system does the rest.

Date Reviewed: February 10, 2012, 3:31 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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