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Sony Bloggie 3D Review From: Sony

3D videos stand out well. Lightweight and small device.

The video quality itself is poor, both in 2D and 3D mode. Zoom function isn't good.

Consider buying a higher quality camera instead.

REVIEWED - Is the Sony Bloggie 3D Really Worth the Hype?

Styled after Sony's recent Bloggie Touch model, its newest pocket-sized camcorder--the Bloggie 3D--takes video blogging to a whole new level with instantaneous 3D video recording--and it's got the software to back it up. Just one catch: Despite being a high definition model, it fails terribly at delivering high quality video in both 2D and 3D format. Here is my review.

  • Creates good, 3D videos
  • Records in both 2D and 3D mode
  • Very lightweight and small

  • Video quality is poor
  • Image stabilization isn't passable in 3D mode
  • Again, zoom function is less than adequate


Based off the Bloggie Touch model, the Bloggie 3D feels and looks like a high-quality pocket camcorder--being both sturdily built and just light enough to make it a good contender as a pocket-sized camcorder. It's very small as well--it measures 2.8 wide by 4.9 inches long, so it's just a hair longer than you average Smartphone. All of the buttons are tidily kept on the sides and back of the Bloggie 3D, so it won't jut out--making it perfect for storing in a pocket or purse.

Like the previous Bloggie models, the Bloggie 3D contains a very vibrant LCD screen, which, as you would expect, would display previously recorded videos or currently recording videos. But in this version, it does far more--it also displays the video in 3D without the need for special glasses. Of course if you upload this onto your computer or HDTV, you'll need a sturdy pair, but Sony has eliminated the need for them with its new LCD interface. It's a very cool (and convenient) feature.

Aside from this, expect this to be nearly identical to the Bloggie Touch model--with the buttons located in their respective locations, a USB connector on the side of the device for easy transferring of videos, and a glossy, smooth finish. The only real difference is the number of lenses it has--the Bloggie Touch has one, whereas the Bloggie 3D has two.


For brevity's sake, let's dive into the main draw to this product--its ability to record in 3D. During testing, its ability to produce 3D was excellent; the images seem to jump out and had an excellent range of color and saturation. Filming in low light seemed to reduce video quality, but that's to be expected from most pocket camcorders. Some people did report its 3D mode did get nauseating at times--"almost leaving you feeling a little cross-eyed," says CNET reviewer Lexy Savvides.

Unfortunately, problems were present during testing--problems that were even more nauseating to customers. Image stabilization continues to be a big problem with the Bloggie 3D, and unless the camcorder is held completely still, the displayed image can jerk around, causing unwanted blur that degradation of image quality. Mounting it on a tripod to avoid image destabilization isn't possible either, as this camera only records horizontally (tripod mounts have a vertical base). Your best bet: Setting it on a solid surface during recording can help eliminate this problem, though it's not exactly a convenient solution. To make matters worse, this video camera contains no optical zoom, and digital zoom once again is far from adequate.

Image Quality

Despite being marketed as a HD camera, the Bloggie 3D falters here--producing videos that are neither high quality or sharp. Though the color and saturation levels are more than adequate, the image tends to err on the blurry side, and is comparable to video quality found on standard camera phones. Night shooting is especially egregious--noise levels increase during low light, making the image look fuzzy and distorted. Overall, although the 3D it produces is fairly adequate, the image quality itself could use a lot of improvement.

Customer Reviews
"I didn't expect this from Sony. 3D effect by itself is good, but when I view it on my 55" sony 3dtv the picture quality is not there for it. Returned." - Alex
"OK It's not a pro camera like many of my others, and it doesn't have the best features. But you're not buying it for that. You're buying it for a simple point and shoot 3d video camera, and if you remember that's what it's for you will NOT be disappointed." - AFC Pictures


Although I think its ability to record 3D videos is neat, there's a lot here I don't like--namely its poor video quality. I'd recommend skipping this for now.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:53 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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