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Sony Bloggie Camera Review From: Sony

Inexpensive. Good video quality.

No optical zoom and poor digital zoom. Blurring can be common.

Don't make this your first choice if you're in the market for a pocket camcorder.

Does the Sony Bloggie Camera Stack Up to the Competition?

In a previous review, I covered theáSony Bloggie Duo HD, an excellent high definition pocket camcorder that works best as a point-and-shoot camera. In this review, we'll look at the Sony Bloggie Duo's cheaper--and older--cousin, the Sony Bloggie Camera, available $149.99 direct from Though it's a decent basic camera, I'd advise you to shop around before committing to this camera--read why below.


  • Comes in several colors
  • Inexpensive model
  • Comes with a video editing and uploading program


  • Very basic controls allow for limited camcorder use
  • No optical zoom
  • Lack of auto-focus can blur video


Just a word of caution: If you've read my Sony Bloggie Duo HD review, I'll express the same sentiments here. The Sony Bloggie is purely designed to be an on-the-go camera for quick video shooting and not much more--with that said, the design isn't going to be too complicated. For starters, it's a very small device, measuring 4.4 inches long by 2.25 inches wide; it's also only a few ounces, so it feels very light and easy to use. Like the Duo, the Bloggie also comes in several colors, ranging from an opaque white to a sweet, soft pink. There aren't a lot of "manly" color choices here, so if this is a big concern for you, you may want to shop elsewhere for a pocket camcorder.

Although the Bloggie looks like any pocket camcorder you'd find on the market right now, there is one difference--its pivoting lens, which, after a bit of twisting and turning, can rotate 270 degrees. It may seem like a silly feature at first, but should prove surprisingly useful for shooting many things--from the beach in front of you to a group shot with friends. For self-portraits, you can simply flip the lens around to get a good shot of yourself, and it takes only a second to do.

Aside from this, expect the same features seen the Bloggie Duo--though there is no duo screen, both devices look identical, and operate similarly. The only other real difference between the two is the price, the Bloggie being cheaper of course.


Bloggie Duo users should be familiar with the Bloggie's setup here--the record and shutter buttons are located in their familiar positions, and also contains a built-in USB connector, which can be directly connected to the computer's USB port. Keep this in mind; this is the only way to upload videos and photos to your computer. Unfortunately, the Bloggie lacks a HDMI cable, so you won't be able to view your videos on a high definition television without buying the cable separately.

To record videos, there isn't much guesswork involved--simply hit the record button and point it to your desired area. Be careful when handling the Bloggie, however--it doesn't have auto-focus, so videos can appear blurry if you don't hold the device still. The Bloggie also lacks optical zoom and only a somewhat functional digital zoom mode, so don't expect anything spectacular in this department.


Usability for the Bloggie doesn't differ much from the Bloggie Duo--this is because both cameras are HD, and are able to record videos in similar formats. Video quality is consistent with this device, so you shouldn't see any noticeable video degradation--such as pixelation or graininess. This holds true regardless of where you shoot, though it is recommended that you shoot in natural or bright light when possible for improved clarity.

For easier video uploading and editing, the Bloggie also comes with built-in video editing software, which allows you to edit and view photos. It's also an excellent sharing device, allowing you to share videos directly to social media websites, such as Facebook and Youtube. Overall, the Bloggie is a great point-and-shoot camera, but that's about the limit of what it's actually good for.

Customer Reviews
"Overall this is the perfect "world from my perspective" kinda camera. Great for Blogs, Vlogs, Youtubers or just people who want to share quick easy to make videos with family/friends. The size of this camera is literally so tiny it will slip in your back pocket if your a guy or your purse if your a gal, no camera bags needed if you don't want one." - Woots
"I am very pleased with the camera, it's small, very lightweight and easy to mount to various camera tripods and other mounting attachments. Quality is good, batteries last a good 2 hours of video recording in normal conditions." - I. Tysoe

Although it's definitely not better than the Sony Bloggie Duo, this is still a decent camera with passable, but not excellent, features. My recommendation: It's a decent buy, but don't make it your first choice.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:54 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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