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Sony Bloggie Duo HD Review From: Sony

Excellent HD quality. Easy to use.

Features are limited; only good as a basic point-and-shoot video camera.

If you want excellent video quality without having to pay too much money, then this is the video camera to get.

Is the Sony Bloggie Duo HD Really Worth the Hype?

In the world of Facebooking every life event and hooking up via sites such as Twitter and Google+, we have to face facts: We love obsessing about ourselves. To amp up our obsessiveness just a bit further, Sony recently debuted its latest go-to device for social media addicts--the Sony Bloggie Duo HD, an upgrade of its original Bloggie model. From first glance, it appears to be an oversized pocket camcorder, but it's much more than that: Aside from quickly snapping photos in HD, it also captures videos and has a two-way LCD screen for easy photo and video viewing. Here is my review.

  • Has a two way LCD screen
  • Resolution goes up to 1080p
  • Performs well in low and bright light

  • Bigger than most pocket camcorders
  • Very limited features


Because the Sony Bloggie Duo HD is safely considered a pocket camcorder, expect it to be small: the device itself is about the size of an average iPhone, so while it is on the slightly bulky side, it's still a fairly slim, small device. It's pretty obvious from the get go who this camcorder is designed for, as it comes in four delightfully feminine colors, ranging from a dolly pink to a metallic violet. The device itself is also plainly designed, with only a few buttons, a duo LCD screen, and a lens making it simpler than other pocket camcorders on the market. But this is hardly unique.

For easy shooting, the Sony Bloggie Duo HD contains something called a duo LCD screen--a bit of overkill according to some customers, but for others serves as a decent substitute to the flippable LCD screens belonging to the full-sized camcorder category. For easy accessibility, LCD screens are located on the front and back of the device, allowing you to view the current shooting environment regardless of which angle it is shot in--whether that's the beach or snapping a quick shot with your friends.

Overall, this is a fairly simple device designed for function and a little glam--the perfect accessory for any teenager or young adult.


Comparatively-speaking, the Sony Bloggie Duo HD hasn't changed much from its predecessor, the Bloggie Touch. On the left side of the Duo is the Power and Shutter button; the right side is where you'll find a flippable USB device and a port for connecting the Duo to your favorite high definition television. On a plus side, the flippable USB device means you won't have to pull out a USB cable every time you want to connect the Duo to the computer; you simply flip the device out and connect it directly to the computer's USB port.


The Duo's name--Bloggie, in this instance--should clue you in on its usability: It's good for recording basic videos, but don't expect anything more. The video and picture controls work well for its price, and like Sony says, it can shoot up to 1080p, though most people preferred to shot in 720 for the higher frames-per-second (FPS) rate (1080p drives it down to 30 FPS). Videos looked consistently bright and sharp at all settings, which is a rarity--video degradation was also not present in low light.

Unfortunately, the Duo lacks other features that would make this camcorder more useful, such as optical zoom (higher quality), and only a limited digital zoom that didn't result in better video quality. Duo also features a macro mode, but during testing many customers reported that it wasn't good--it led to some degradation of video and just didn't produce a sharp image. Aside from these problems, however, the Duo is a decent, basic camera that works well at shooting videos.

Customer Reviews
"I would not replace my higher end video recorder or digital camera with the Bloggie. For higher end recording, I need the features, flexibility, and zoom capability that a full size device provides. However, for a camera on the run, with plenty of features, the Bloggie Duo is fantastic." - B. Colonna
"Taking short movie clips is where this camera really shines and it does really well both in low light and bright sunshine. I wanted this to capture some dog film and some short interviews and the definition is really amazing. " - Mary Bookhound

Despite being a basic video camera, the Bloggie Duo delivers surprisingly crisp HD-quality video. My recommendation: If you want an excellent point-and-shoot camera, it's worth investing your money here.
Date Reviewed: May 28, 2012, 6:54 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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