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Excellent Zoom, Superb HD Video recording, good build quality, stereo sound recording, good picture quality, 3D pictures.


Lack of detail in pictures, slightly over powerful flash.


Almost a perfect camera. Better image quality, ie better detailing in the images would have made this camera "Perfect 10/10". A sure buy recommendation.

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Vjfile : Hi. My name is Vijay Venugopal, residing in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city...Member Reputation 3 • 1 active Krits
Sony DSC-HX 9V Ca from Sony Corporation
Sony DSC HX9V Camera With 16x Optical Zoom Review
Vjfile rates this 4.5/5
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Sony DSC-HX 9v : A great all round product.

I bought the Sony DSC-HX 9v on april 2011, for Rs 16600 (roughly $340) here in India. After one year of use, I find myself very happy as a customer, for buying an excellent product with the hard earned money. I bought the camera for 2 main reasons.

1. 16x optical zoom.

2. 1080p HD video recording.

My expectations did not go wrong, the zoom and the video quality are outstanding. I have been able to shoot great video clips of football matches, stage shows etc with  the help of the great zoom, and the video quality when viewed in computer/TV is truly stunning. 1080p truly is superb. The color depth and details in the video must surely be mentioned here.

The camera also supports a combined 64x zoom in video/image mode, which means there is 4x digital zoom combined with the 16x optical zoom. In video mode, it works brilliantly. The only fault i can find in the video recording is that when we use the zoom, there is a slight sound of the zoom working, which is not really disturbing, but just a very slight disturbance. 

 About the imaging department, the DSC HX9V can produce pictures of 16 megapixel quality, which may sound great, but is actually not that perfect, because of the smaller sensor it has, compared to SLRs or DSLRs. a 12mp image would have been perfect for the DSC HX9V. The images are very bright and colorful, but when we see the pictures in zoom mode, we can see that the pictures arent as detailed as we would like.

For normal use, this camera is excellent, but for professional/very serious users, the camera may be a let down. The lack in the detailing is the only fault i can find in this excellent all round camera. Also, the flash may be a little too strong for close up shots, but for taking snaps at night/twilight, this flash is superb. And the way the flash light pops up/goes down into the camera is classy. This camera also features a host of features like 3D pictures, 3D panorama etc, which as superb features on a camera at this price range. 

The display of the camera is excellent. The pictures and movies can be viewed even under direct sunlight, without much fade of colors. The camera also has stereo sound recording, which works great. It also has a dedicated video recording switch which can be used to jump to video recording even when we are viewing images/stuck up in a different purpose. The camera can also record on 1080i and 720p recording modes, which comes handy when the memory of the camera is not sufficient to record 1080p for a long time. The battery backup of the camera is very decent, although not outstanding. In my experience, the camera will take at least 400 pictures before the battery drains out. Videos of length nearly 1 hour using zoom can be recorded before the camera switches off. The build quality of the camera is very good. It feels very solid and comfortable in hand. 

To wind up, the Sony DSC HX9v is one camera you can buy without remorse. It wont let you down, as it has some top notch qualities up its sleeve, especially the 16x zoom and HD Video recording. The only issue, and that too, not a very serious one, is the lack of detail in the pictures.  So, to anyone who wants to buy a quality mega zoom camera that wont make a hole in your pocket, i recommend the Sony DSC HX9V. Go for it ! :)

Date Reviewed: April 12, 2012, 6:28 pm
Reviewed by vjfile
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