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Virtually everything about the PlayStation Vita is spot on. From the outstanding visuals and sound to the incredible plethora of options that are available to play, the Vita screams quality.


The only real con I found was an insanely expensive memory card is necessary to get the entire gaming experience.


The PlayStation Vita made a non-portable guy (me) into a portable guy. That was no small feat.

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PS Vita Wi-Fi from Sony
Sony PlayStation Vita
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Can the PlayStation Vita Really Be That Good?

The PlayStation Vita is something that I have always hoped would come out in the gaming industry; a handheld video game that played like a big video game. Every handheld game I have ever tried came across as tiny, hard to see and unclear at best. Some came close over the years and I did love my little Gameboy, but the PlayStation Vita is different. The PlayStation Vita almost makes you wonder if you are holding a full sized PS3 in your hands at times.

Is the PlayStation Vita the perfect handheld video game?

I got to play around with one of these not long ago and really found out what all the fuss was about. The PlayStation Vita is a powerful little game, with tons of features and exciting benefits for people that love to take their games with them. No other portable game in history has been this good and it is hard to imagine how they could improve it all that much. If they make it bigger, then it will likely be too gaudy to be an ideal handheld. This game just might be…dare I say it…perfection.

Just take a look at some of the awesome product features that this handheld offers:

•The front screen offers multi-touch capabilities and a 5 inch display.
•The rear touch pad is multi-touch as well.
•It offers two analog sticks that look and plays like the real thing.
•Digital cameras are offered from the front of the device and the rear of the Vita.
•Various software titles on small Vita flash memory cards.
•Wi-Fi capability
•You can access the free PlayStation Network and utilize new Vita features “Live” and “Near” while you do.
•Vita plays PSP titles, PS one stuff, and all types of stuff from the PlayStation store.
•Three different motion sensors
•Dynamic graphics that are very close to being as good as their large screen counterparts.

What makes this particular portable so much better?

Virtually everything about the PlayStation Vita is better than any contemporaries that I have been around, and it is not really even close. From the way the Vita feels and plays in your hands to the way the screen literally bursts with action that does not strain your eyes, the Vita is a delight to sit down and play every time I pick it up.

The Wi-Fi capability even seems better on this handheld than on some cell phones I have had. I can get a game going on this and visit the PlayStation network quicker than I can pull up a game of Angry Birds on my cell. It really is that easy and fun to do. This all-in-one gaming center has revolutionized the way I look at gaming in my life. Now, I do not hesitate to bring my games along for a ride. They even play well in the car on long trips!

The sound on the Vita is also rather good, but I guess it is perhaps the only area that really could be better. The Vita sometimes sounds like it is in a tunnel rather than booming along with your shotgun blasts or helicopter rides. Still, the sound is far better than other handhelds I have tried to relatively speaking it is pretty darn good.

What is bad about the Vita?

The only clear negative I found with this little handheld is that you have to buy an extremely overpriced memory card to play any of the larger games. Sony knows that we are going to want the bigger games and is clearly taking advantage of us with this memory card thing. Surely they could have found a way to integrate this into the Vita or simply lower the price on their memory cards. Other than this, however, I have not one complaint about the PlayStation Vita.

What do others have to say about the Vita?

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with my Vita. It's definitely worth the money I spent. --Kristopher
I received the PS Vita for my birthday. It is an amazing game system. --Anonymous
As far as dedicated mobile gaming devices, the Vita is clearly the best currently available. -- Superchiller
Date Reviewed: May 12, 2012, 10:28 am
Reviewed by Rodney Southern
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