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Video encoding supports a variety of formats; also contains video editing features.


The price is a bit too high.


This product is a must for encoding your videos.

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Sorenson Squeeze 7 for Mac from Sorenson
Sorenson Squeeze 7 Review
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REVIEW: Sorenson Squeeze 7 (Mac version)

Although pricey ($799 retail), the Sorenson Squeeze 7 for Mac is a monster of a program, streamlining the video encoding process with just a few simple mouse clicks.  Video presets, such as noise filtering and watermarking, also make it easy for anyone to customize their video--from professionals to novices.  Here is my review.

  • Comes with a variety of video presets
  • Encodes in multiple formats
  • Easy to use and install

  • High price tag; costs nearly $800


When it comes to the world of video encoding, few products stand out; most programs are either too expensive or too useless, usually collecting proverbial dust in the back of a computer or shelf.  Luckily, the Sorenson Squeeze 7 for Mac defies these odds, being both expensive but immensely useful to both professionals and novices.

Here's how it works.  After installation--which, should be noted, is fairly quick and easy--users can upload any video into the program's interface for quick editing and encoding, which can be applied by browsing its upper-hand menu bars.  Effects can be selected and deselected; videos can even be cropped to fit the user's custom dimensions.  True video editing, such as contrast adjustments and the addition of special effects, aren't included here, since it is mainly a video encoding program; for complete control over the look of your video, it's best to stick with Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.

After the initial edits are completed, users can move onto Sorenson Squeeze 7's main feature: video encoding.  Its ability to encode in most formats is astounding--OGG, MPEG2, and VP8 are just some of the formats users can select.  As an added bonus, it also support Youtube presets, though at the time of this review these presets were outdated by at least two years.


As mentioned before, Sorenson Squeeze 7 supports a variety of edits, including noise filtering and watermarking, both of which should come in handy when it comes to improving and safeguarding any video.  But these aren't its own features--it also contains cropping and rotation features, which can be applied when needed to correct the video's size and location.  During testing, customers easily applied these edits without much hassle--just a few clicks applied the desired effect.  There was no stuttering or significant delays when these effects were being applied, which is also a good sign.

Video Encoding

Unlike previous versions, Sorenson Squeeze 7 has extended the amount of formats it can export videos, ranging from OGG to MPEG2.  Several traditional video formats are still supported in this edition, as well as web formats--such as Youtube video.  In fact, users can video encode and then upload Youtube videos straight from the program, eliminating the need to manually upload videos to, which can be slow at times.  

It also notably support traditional movie formats, such as H.264 for Bluray.  Encoding for all of these formats is also more noticeably faster.

"When I compared with Apple's Compressor application, the file finished encoding much faster on Sorenson Squeeze 7," says one customer.  "I think Squeeze found a permanent home on my Mac dock."

Overall, its video encoding capabilities is top notch, and easily blows its competition out of the water.


Although the price is definitely ouchable--at least for your wallet--its multitude of features easily makes this price worth it.  Video encoding is simple and supports a variety of video, web, and movie formats, including H.264 for Bluray; figuring out how to apply these features is not at all tough.  Its editing capabilities are also very useful, despite being simple--being able to apply noise filtering and cropping filters is essential for creating a crisp, clear video.  

My recommendation: If you do a lot of video encoding, the Sorenson Squeeze 7 for Mac is a must.  If you just do occasional work, however, I would recommend sticking with a cheaper brand, since you probably don't need all of these features to properly encode your videos.
Date Reviewed: April 25, 2012, 2:42 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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