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One of the best selling e cigs on the market!

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South Beach Smoke from Southbeachsmoke.com
South Beach Smoke Why This E Cig Is WinWin
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South Beach Smoke Review - Why this E Cig is Win/Win

South Beach Smoke in the Media:

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the electronic cigarette. Here we are nearly 10 years later. E cigs have gone main stream and South Beach Smokes are leading the pack! You can find South Beach Smoke in the gift bag at the MTV awards, on the lips of Jeremy Piven (Entourage) and being quoted (SBS's CEO) in the NY Post!

South Beach has also started off 2012 with a bang! They were named the #1 e cigarette on the market by Spinfuel magazine, receiving 5 stars in every category: Taste, Vapor, Consistency, Service and Value.  

Here's a powerful quote from the news desk of South Beach Smoke's website:

"Conventional cigarettes account for about 80% of nicotine consumption in the United States, but more than 98% of the illness and death. This harm is not caused by the nicotine, but by toxic products of combustion. A cigarette smoker can reduce his or her risk of future tobacco-related death by 98% or better by switching to a low risk smokeless tobacco product. He or she could cut that risk by 99.9% or better by switching to a nicotine-only delivery product like one of the pharmaceutical products or E-cigarettes." Dr. Joel L. Nitzkin Chair, American Associate on Public Health Physicians April, 2010

Umm… WOW! Thanks Dr. Joel, you ROCK! 

Is it obvious that E cigs make me happy? I'm a win/win thinker. I love it when something comes along that meets the needs not only of the individual, but also manages to provide for the greater good while satisfying that individual's needs. It's empowering and exciting and that's what makes me happy about e cigarettes, in general. 

Never before in the history of smoking has there been a healthier alternative to smoking besides not smoking! But amazingly, with e cigarettes you can basically smoke without smoking. You get everything we find appealing and/or psychologically addicting about smoking… holding the stick, the draw, the throat hit, the french rings, while eliminating so much of what makes smoking hazardous, unhealthy and a deadly bummer:

1. Real cigs contain 601 + known carcinogens - E cigs only contain nicotine, flavoring and propylene glycol (which you can find in many foods including mustard, yogurt and juice) or veggie glycerine

2. Real cigs stain your teeth - E cigs don't

3. Real cigs produce 2nd hand smoke - E cigs don't

4. Cigarette butts are one of the major pollutants on the planet - E cigs are recyclable.

5. Real cigs have expensive taxation - E cigs don't and will save you thousands of dollars yearly.

6. Real cigs make you stinky - E-cigs don't.

How is SBS word of mouth?

I did a little digging around to make sure the word on the web matched South Beach's kudos in print. The batteries get great feedback even among die hard vapers in the forums. That's the true test. Review sites have more of an agenda but the forums are for people in the trenches! So, thumbs up for the battery which means less recharging, lower cost and greater ease for you. 

Regarding customer service, on the review sites, South Beach Smoke gets a consistently excellent rating. In the forums there was not statistically enough to draw a clear conclusion so I'll let you be the judge. Please feel free to leave feedback and make a useful contribution to your fellow e cig vapers on their journey!

Regarding the product, all around, SBS is favorably received. People mentioning South Beach Smokes in the forums do so to say they are happy with the taste, the battery and their general user experience. South Beach Smokes come in 5 flavors with 5 new flavors on the way (including Pina Colada!) and 4 levels of nicotine density, including 0. I recommend going with their deluxe cartridges because they are a 2 piece model as opposed to the 3 piece premium model. You get what you pay for, so for overall functioning I'd recommend the deluxe. Try a range of flavors... you might be surprised at which turns out to be your fave.

Automate the Process and Save Some $$:

I'd also highly recommend becoming a member. Membership give you a lifetime replacement warranty, 20% off on your cartridge purchases through the home delivery program, lets you participate in special offers and automates the process so you don't have to think about it every month. I'm big on that because I already have too much on my plate. You can also alter your plan or cancel your membership whenever you want.

Check out South Beach Smoke and automatically receive a 10% discount at checkout. Just click on any of the buttons connected to this krit.

Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 3:16 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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