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It is sleek and well designed for all kinds of road adventures!


Somewhat expensive and the likelihood of it being stolen is high, but definitely worth the risk.


An absolute must have for anyone who wants a form of transportation as well as a way to stay in shape.

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Road bike from Specialized
Specialized VIta Womens Road Bike
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Review of Specialized-Vita Women's Road Bike

Background info: Just purchased this brand new bike at the location cycling store and it is amazing! An incredibly smooth ride, high off the ground, very stable and absolutely fast reacting brake system. I could not have found a better choice that suits both my height and fitness level. It is also very sleek and aesthetically pleasing!

I can not only take it for rides down the river path near my residence, but also take it around the city to get to where I have to go as quickly as I can. It makes travel much easier, but also the fun physical activities with friends even better. The main reason why I bought the bike was because of its beautiful appearance as well as the reassurance of the store warranty offered lifetime air pumping for the tires as well as a checkup on the bike 3 weeks after the purchase. 

Build: The bike offers 3 gears on the left handle as well as 5 other levels on the right handle. The flat handle bar that is slightly cured out at the end is perfectly designed for the female hands. It's thin and perfectly shaped for grip and comfort. The tires are thin and durable. The frame of the bike is aluminum which is both light and strong. On further information of its technicalities: it contains Sirrus double-wall, machined rims for braking, as well as alloy stainless spokes on its wheels. 

The protection for the Specialized Nimbus tires is made of Flak Jacket protection. A back section can be added to hold baggage. The saddle, Body Geometry Riva, is made perfectly for an entire day's of to and from journeys that one will definitely thank at the end of the day for its comfort and reliability. 

The front handle section is heavy set, which allows the rider to have a smoother ride especially when experiencing bumps and potholes in the road. The spokes are 2mm thick, perfectly thin and sleek. The chain is made of nickel plate, KMC x8 with a reusable Missing Link. 

Appearance:To top it all, the colors are great! It's a slimming silk black with magenta handles and a touch of purple along the other parts of the bike. The design is just flawless. The weight of the bike is incredibly light, just a mere 20-30 lbs. Specialized Bike Company also offers colors in white/blue/green, which is the same exact model. They offer it in many sizes as well: XS, S, M, and L for all body types. 

Additional info (extra gear):The lock was offered at a reduced price, which also came with a warranty (most locks do). Upon registration online, the bike could be refunded if it was stolen while that lock was in place. The lock can be attachable to the middle bars of the bike, wherever desired for easy storage and access. One can also get matching gear, such as a helmet. However, those can be pricey (40 dollars at the store), and is not necessary. However, this bike is easily designed for the user to become more competition with cycling and increasing the experience with the bike. Gloves may be recommended as well as sportswear. 

It's popular! 
The video that is attached to the website regarding the bike advertises its adaptability to both transportation around the city and fitness work. It shows a well-fit, middle-aged woman enjoying her ride down the road along the beach with the cityscape behind her. It is definitely a dependable company for all your biking gear. 153 people on Facebook currently like this exactly bike as well as 10 Google + recommendations. 

This is definitely a popular buy, as well as a cheaper one compared to the higher tech bikes. It was actually one of the cheapest bikes offered at the cycling store. Therefore, it has the potential of a high tech road bike as well as the affordability for beginners just starting to understand the sport. 
Date Reviewed: May 15, 2012, 1:51 pm
Reviewed by majinny
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