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Sports Betting Professor REVIEW - Is Rich Allen the Real Deal?

'Beat the Bookie, says the Sports Betting Professor AKA Rich Allen.
And as unlikely as it sounds, it does seem that Rich Allen has his fans in the industry.
'Explosive sports betting secrets that win me 90% of all my system bets.'
The winning streak started when Rich, who says he has been betting (and losing) on sports all his adult life, met a Russian PhD Mathematician who claimed to be able to predict winners at least 90% of the time. 
They're always Russian aren't they? Anyway, this fella had (apparently) never watched an NFL game.
But the next week the Russian offered Mr Allan 9 picks which he claimed were the winning bets, and also 5 teams to avoid betting on no matter what.
8 out of 9 of the Russian's picks won. And 4 out of 5 of the 'avoid' list, lost.
So, according to Rich, he paid his life savings to the Russian Professor to analyze every outcome in the NFL for 1 year. 
This simple data showed some 'commonalities', so all you had to do was stick with what the numbers showed, and you would win.
So confident is the Sports Betting Professor in his system that he gives... (drum roll drum roll): 'The Single Boldest Guarantee in Sports Betting.'
'If you don't have wild success with my picks, stop billing at any time!' he says. 'How can you lose?'
And the cost is only $5 for the first month ('to make me prove my winning ways') and $47 a month after that.
It's easy, says Rich. You need zero knowledge about football, baseball, or basketball (or even sports).
You need zero knowledge in math or statistics, no technical or computer skills.
All you need is a few minutes a day.
According to his fans, it is greed and lack of patience that kills the average sports better. 'Realistically there's going to be a loss somewhere down the road,' they say. 'In the long run we'll come out ahead.'
Rich promises unlimited one-on-one support and a rock-solid money back guarantee if you lose money. 'No ifs. No buts.'
And the Sports Professor has been around for a while so there is plenty of comment about him on the net.
Some good, some not so great.
'Sports handicappers are just like stock brokers,' says one (meaning they give advice but take little responsibility for results).
'If they really knew anything, they would just take their own advice and get rich!'
But Rich is not one of these internet sales people who just disappears incognito. He responds to emails, contributes to forum threads and defends himself against his detractors.
'I've followed Rich Allen the Sports Betting Professor and I like how he deals with his clients,' was one comment.
Many people dislike the 'chase' system used by the professor. 'Chase systems are for people who can't pick games. Plus you always end up losing in the end.'
But others are keen and publish numbers to show that the system has worked for them.
'I've been following his system for 3 weeks on all NBA, NCAAf and NFL games. My $230 is now over $600 in about 15 days so this seems to be a very solid system.'
And others agree that, if you're into sports betting then the Sports Betting Professor is your man. 
'Lets just say this.. his picks win more then what we can pick on our own.'
People are posting average win rates of 62% (which isn't over 90% as the Professor claims, but is till relatively high in betting terms).
'One of the best systems I have tested,' said one reviewer.
And it is possible to track the results of the system through current forum discussions.
'The Professor is on a run!' was one comment. '3 straight nights of NBA winners!'
'SBP knows his stuff.'
Some people were asking for longer-term reviews of profits (more than three months) and in response to this, one forum member gave sound advice.
'We will revisit a review for Sports Betting Professor in the next months so our advice for people contemplating buying now is, read up on the comment section here to make your decision because we do not know independently how well it [the SBP system] has been going since our trial.'
So check out the forums! I can't give better advice than that.
And to put this review in perspective, here is another great piece of advice I found on the forums.
'Betting is fun. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Consider your bets as drinking money. In the long term, every better loses.'
Can't say fairer than that!
Date Reviewed: December 1, 2011, 12:09 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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