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Sports Insights Review From: Sports Insights

Company with 10 years of experience in sports betting, 55% chance of winning, greater insight, based on a formidable betting model

Actual data not provided to support claims of consistent winning percentage

If you enjoy online sports betting, you may consider using Sports Insights to improve your winning chances. If you are happy with 55%, outstanding, then go for it – if you must gamble. The bet or actual investment in Mosaic, Apple Inc., Google, Potash, or the Chinese gaming/online search company SOHU is far greater, for instance.

Sports Insights (Sports Betting Picks) REVIEW - Real customer feedback...

Sports Insights provides an online sports betting system and tools that may help to improve your winning chances. Sports Insights claims that thousands of sports bettors have benefitted from its system and betting picks over a period of more than 10 years. On average a sports bettor can improve his or her winning percentage by 55 percent within the first month after using this system. Is it really better than the betting competition, however?

Advanced Software Tools

Sports Insights provides innovative online sports betting software for sports bettors at all levels. It invites you to take a free trial to understand how efficient and user friendly their system is. Sports Insights have created an excellent suite of betting systems and tools that monitor and track the sports betting market. The software is totally web based, and you can use any web browser to use it. Each feature of the software has been designed to help you make balanced and better informed sports betting decisions.


Sports Insights provides betting trends data that is sourced from six leading sportsbooks. It provides betting trends on moneyline, spread, parlay, and total number of bets placed on each game. This can help you know which side the majority of people are chasing. Sports Insights delivers real time odds from various market-setting sportsbooks.

It offers live scores, weather reports, and injury reports. You can also receive breaking news and alerts on your email and mobile phone. The comprehensive sports betting information services offered by Sports Insights can help you achieve superior gains and long-term success in sports betting.

Betting Systems

Sports Insights provides a winning betting system and also supports sound money management. Its advanced betting system has been developed by a group of financial experts and economists to exploit games that are measurably mispriced. The strategies of this system are designed to alert you to such profitable opportunities.

Sportsbooks need to moderate their risk exposure and sports bettors usually place irrational bets. The system of Sports Insights manages to identify such opportunities to make profitable bets. It also analyzes betting line data of the past years to develop profitable betting strategies for the future.


Sports Insights claims that its core team includes PhDs and CFAs, who are qualified in the areas of economy and finance and understand the complexities of sports betting. It uses proprietary betting trends data to build its systems. Rather than handicapping games, Sports Insights handicaps the sports betting marketplace by using advanced financial models to reveal inefficiencies and exploit them to its advantage. It has a successful past track record of a consistent winning percentage of about 55 percent across all major sports since 1992.

What Others are Saying

Allen Moody of has given a five star rating to Sports Insights. He says, “My favorite aspect of SportsInsights comes in the form of betting percentages on each game, which let you know the percentage of money each particular sportsbook is seeing on each team, as some sportsbooks are known to have sharper players and/or sharper lines.”

At, a user JJGold, “They have been around for at least 5 years. The $69 product is unreal, bang for your buck, the best real time line service out there, everything super quick including scores and, lines, injuries. Second halves are great too.” Other reviewers and users also have mostly good things to say about Sports Insights.

Date Reviewed: December 1, 2011, 12:10 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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