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It records the slightest of movements both in daylight and in darkness; easy to use and set up.


The camera doesn't record activity right away and doesn't have a big field of view.


Although it could use some improvement, this is still a decent spy camera to get.

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Motion-Activated Mini Night-Vision Spy Camera from SpygearGadgets
SpyGearGadgets Motion MiniCam Review
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REVIEW: Motion-Activated Mini Night-Vision Spy Camera (by SpyGearGadgets)

Standing roughly two inches tall, the Motion-Activated Night-Vision Spy Camera may be small, but it's good at what it does--using infrared body heat sensors to sense, and then record, suspicious activity.  Four hours of continuous recording means it's also an excellent substitute as a nanny cam, home security monitoring device, or for recording illicit activity in the workplace.  Here's my review.

  • Small, lightweight and discreet: Perfect for hiding
  • Senses and records activity using infrared body heat sensors
  • Records activity for up to four hours

  • Field of view isn't very wide; only records a small area space
  • Doesn't record activity right away


As expected from most spy cameras, this camera is fairly small and not too obvious--a good combination if you plan to use it to secretly record activity.  It stands at roughly two inches tall and resembles a small remote control or garage opener, so it isn't obvious that it is being used to record any activity.  People can choose to place the camera wherever they please or use a mount to place it on a wall.  The device also contains an on button, which can be controlled on the front of the device.  

Overall, the Motion-Activated Mini Night-Vision Spy Camera is small, discreet, and lightweight, and can easily fit into any nook or cranny of the house, making it perfect for recording activity secretly.


Setting up and using the spy camera is fairly easy--simply insert a micro SD card into the back slot, turn on the on button, and set the camera wherever you please, whether that's the home office, in the living room, or in your bedroom.  Because the spy camera is small enough and has long lasting power (it can record up to four hours of activity), it's a good replacement for spy cameras commonly fitted into workplaces.

However, the spy camera does not begin recording unless it detects movements; it does so by using something called infrared body heat sensing.  Built into the device, this sensor specifically detects the presence of a human being or animal, and then, if it senses it is staying in the immediate area, begins recording.  But there is a time delay, however--most customers report that it may take several seconds before the recording begins.

"There is a definite delay in time to start recording," says one customer.  "This is the price for long battery life - the device is in "standby" until it detects motion, so there's a delay for things to get rolling.  Typically a person is fully in frame by the time recording starts.  I don't think it's a big deal personally, but expect the first 2-4 seconds of an "event" to be missed."

Another issue customers have is its poor field of view; this spy camera, at the most, can record the space the length of half a cubicle, which isn't very big.  If you're hoping to record a huge field area with this camera, you're out of luck here--it's best for small, tight spaces.


Accuracy-wise, this spy camera is excellent at detecting--and recording--even the slightest of movements made by human beings and animals.  Many customers report it was excellent at recording illicit activity during the night, being able to catch the movement of hands or the removal of stuff from the immediate area clearly and quickly.  It's also sensitive enough to record the movements of small creatures, such as cats and small dogs.  Be warned that there are time delays, however, so it may not begin recording these movements immediately once the sensor detects them.


There's a lot to love about the Motion-Activated Mini Night-Vision Spy Camera--it's small and discreet, yet can run for hours to secretly record movements made by both humans and animals.  On a downside, however, its field of view is small and time delays between recordings can result in it not recording critical movements--such as someone quickly stealing something off a table.  However, given its price and range of features, it's still a decent camera to get.  Recommendation: It's a definite must buy.  For a good alternative, consider the Foscam FI8910 Nightvision Security Camera.
Date Reviewed: April 20, 2012, 8:48 am
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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