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You can first download its free-to-try version to test out how the program will scan, identify, and delete potential threats.


Many experts and customers say that it's rogue anti-spyware--an anti-spyware program that falsely identifies malware and won't let you delete them unless you pay the price to use the full version.


Spyware Cease is a not a recommended product for removing spyware.

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Spyware Cease from CheeseSoft
Spyware Cease Review
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Spyware Cease ( REVIEW - What are real customers saying?

If you surf the Internet, download files, or even access your email account, all experts agree you need one thing: spyware protection.  Something as simple as visiting a website can cause unwanted spyware to infect your computer, which, over time, can slow down your computer and make it inoperable.

To protect and eliminate spyware, software publisher CheeseSoft says it has the perfect solution--an anti-spyware program called Spyware Cease.  Though it doesn't rival the popularity of anti-spyware giants AdAware and Spyware Search & Destroy, it's quickly rising as a prominent anti-spyware program.

Here is what this review will cover:
  • What Spyware Cease does
  • The program's pros and cons
  • What the customers are saying

First, let's cover how Spyware Cease protects your computer.

What Spyware Cease Does

Spyware Cease says it works by regularly monitoring your computer for the baddies in the malware world--think spyware, keyloggers, trojans, and browser hijackers.  CheeseSoft, its publisher, says it identifies these programs to safeguard the computer from unwanted crashes, pop-up ads, and whatever can cause your computer to slow down and become downright impossible to control.

Spyware Cease contains several methods for checking and removing malicious malware: full computer scans, a quick scan, and a shield, which prevents spyware from infecting the computer.  Both full and quick scan do exactly what it's described to do--it scans the computer for potential malware, and once the malicious file is recognized, gets rid of it through quarantine or deletion.  Spyware Cease also comes with other features to help protect your computer, such as registry backup.

This ensures you can browse the Internet safely without interruption--from checking your email account to entering in sensitive information at bank websites.

For easy and quick installation, Spyware Cease can be downloaded directly online, either as a free-to-try product or as a purchasable anti-spyware program.  The free-to-try version allows you to scan for vulnerabilities but doesn't allow you to remove them; this feature is activated once you pay for the full program--which, as of right now, retails for $39.95.

What's Wrong with Spyware Cease

If you do a rudimentary search on Spyware Cease, one big issue pops us: It's rogue anti-spyware, according to experts and customers.

Rogue anti-spyware, as you may have guessed, is not a good thing.  Eric Howes, a spyware expert for, says that "Rogue/Suspect means that these products are of unknown, questionable, or dubious value as anti-spyware protection."  He goes on to explain that rogue anti-spyware products may not provide reliable anti-spyware protection, give too many false positives (it may falsely say it detects spyware), or use deceptive sales tactics to force people to buy the product.

In this case, Spyware Cease is suspected of giving out too many false positives, misleading customers into believing their computer is proliferated with malware.  It also pressures customers to buy its products as a means of curing this problem, since removal of these "malware threats" are not available with its free-to-try version.  Frank Jovine of also confirms this, saying that the program "gives false reports of threats on the computer."  He suggests deleting the program and running a virus scan to ensure it has not secretly implanted its own malware into your computer system.

This all points to a deceptive program that people should definitely be wary about.

What the Customers are Saying

Its evidence of deceptiveness only grows stronger once reviews from its customers are reviewed.  All of the following comes from, one website where this program can be downloaded:

"It is a rogue anti-malware program.  Remove [it] using an actual antimalware program like Malwarebytes Anti-malware."

"I am very surprised that this site leaves this bunk here.  SHAME on you CNET I thought you guys say all software is tested?  Well?"

"When run, the malware performs a fake scan of the system, and falsely claims that a number of files on the system are infected with malware."


So, upon reviewing the evidence, there are some glaring issues with Spyware Cease.  Although it says it legitimately scans and removes harmful malware, experts and customers argue that's anything but the truth--in fact, it may pretend to find spyware as a means of getting you to pay for a product.  It's a dirty trick, but it hasn't been the only anti-spyware program to do so.

Final verdict: As an anti-spyware program, Spyware Cease is not recommended. There are much better online tools that can clean out spyware and malware such as WiseFixer which I do recommend.
Date Reviewed: March 1, 2012, 3:30 pm
Reviewed by Annie Oh
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But as you saw in my review, I don't recommend it.
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