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Its unique Button Escalation System of credit rewards stands out.


If you shudder at clicking on ads for any amount of time, this is definitely NOT for you. The monthly costs of upgrading seems a bit steep.


State-of-The-Art-Mailer is a first rate Mailing System that is fair in rewarding those who remain active.

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State of The Art Mailer from Michael J Ming
State Of The Art Mailer
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New! Viralist Membership Unleashed

A New Mailer System

Over my 4 years in Online Marketing I've explored and discovered various ways of Marketing my products and services. One of my prime Marketing Tools are Mailing Systems. Most of these online systems are credits based. You simply accumulate (or purchase in some cases by purchaseing directly or upgrading) credits until you have enough to send an ad to a  maximum number of members.

Amongst my many Mailers are (A)- State-of-The-Art-Mailer, List Frog, List Joe, Download Builders Direct and List Volta. Safelists are very similiar, with European Safelist, Ad Tactics Safelist and Your Safelist being my most used.
However, the one that stands out as my most active Mailer is State-of-The-Art-Mailer.

WHY State-of-The-Art-Mailer?

Why would I choose State-of-The-Art-Mailer (SOTAM) above all  the hundreds of other similar products online? It stands out because it is different from any other. To quote the company's own email blurb "They've designed this unique system called Button Escalation, which allows you to reach massive amounts of people based on your own activity!" This is the basis of the credit-based system.

It starts at the "500 Members" level and proceeds from there to 1500, 3000, and then from the 5000 to the 15000 (now it includes 20,000 as of early May) level an upgrade cost from $32 per month is required. I have since sent 500 and 1500 member level mailers and now reaching the 3000 member level within the next few days. To truly test the system I will be advertising a certain product solely at the 3000 level in State-of-The-Art-Mailer. If SOTAM performs well I would be seriously considering an upgrade.

The Credit Mailer system is unique in its features.

"Jaye and Brad are really doing great things with SOTAM. Not only do they offer superior customer service, but they also have some new and innovative ("State Of The Art") features. I am extremely cautious about recommending "list builder" sites as many of them are not worth your time/money, but SOTAM ranks among the elite."

Jason Cardamone
The concept of the Button Escalation System where members are rewarded by viewing ads- basically the more ads they view the higher the Button Level they reach. The time it takes to reach certain levels is surprisingly quick. The majority of views equating to over 15 credits, it won't take much longer and not too many views to accumulate the final 500 credits needed to reach my own 3000 Button Level for the first time. I believe there are exciting times ahead in my usage of the State-of-The-Art-Mailer system.

Further Features

Overnight (5th May) I received $5 into my Paypal Account from State-of-The Art Mailer. Granted, a miniscule amount, but possibly the start of something good. It was a reward for "surfing" through the ads.
Another unique feature from State-of-the Art-Mailer (now in partnerhsip with List Frog) is the world's first "Time-based Advertising System". Each ad viewed, besides the usual credits, is rewarded with "minutes" that accumulate and are used on banner advertising,splash pages and widgets on a wide Network of sites - an unusual concept that I'm yet to take full advantage of.

Final Remarks

Credit-based Mailers might not be your style in advertising. But I find State-of-The-Art-Mailer with its unique features such as the Button Escalation and the Time-Based Advertising System options is a one-of-a-kind Advertising and Marketing Tool that should be included for all serious online entrepreneurs.
Is State-of-The-Art Mailer any better or more responsive than many other claimed top response mailers out there? Time will tell. Being newer then the well-established and highly regarded, it need more time to prove itself. All early indications suggests yes. My 3000 Button test mailer will further prove or disprove its worth. Watch this space.

Date Reviewed: May 6, 2012, 9:09 am
Reviewed by Michael J Ming
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