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Excellent support, well established system used by many traders and investors

'Metatrader' is slow when using Stealth - ideally need a separate computer for trading

An excellent product in a field known for scams and empty promises

Stealth Forex System REVIEW - "Often Imitated But Never Equalled", they say. Here's the truth...

Currency trading. Sounds scary doesn't it?
But tempting, too, considering that many commentators believe that it's the only way for the average person to get rich. Of course you need some money to trade with in the first place, and ideally some advice from those in the know.
Type 'Forex' (the international currency trading system) into the web and what will you get? Hundreds of offers of expensive and baffling products to make your fortune with a few clicks. Where to go? Who to believe?
Stealth Forex, that's who.
Stealth Forex claims that their unique trading system is 'often imitated but never equalled.'
'No matter whether you are a complete novice or experienced in currency day trading, this easy to use forex trading system can help to enhance your trading performance.' they say.

But doesn't everyone say that?
Yes, they do, but the language used reveals plenty. Stealth Forex aren't promising to make you instantly rich, just to enhance your performance. That we can believe.
'Enter more winning trades with ease of use,'they say. That we wantto believe - and a quick tour of their website reveals that the system is clearly designed and user-friendly, providingsimple color coded buy and sell indicators that tell you when to trade, and, most importantly, when to enter and exit.
Too good to be true? So lets dig a little deeper.
By buying the Stealth Forex software you are buying the trading expertise of a veteran trader. Set up the system and you can trade what he trades. You will receivea stream of trading signalsmanually verified by Mr Veteran Trader. A bit different from another product I've reviewed, called TradeMiner.
It's almost like a personal service.
The software enables you to operate within 4 different trading styles and enables you to place high probability trades with accuracy. But more importantly,Stealth Forex helps you to keep out of the market during sideways movements and times of low volume - the very times when many traders lose their money.
'The simplest and most effective system,'say the users.

'Ive been using your Stealth System indicators with my trading strategy and am very pleased. Im sorry I didnt get your system much sooner.'

And it's not just the average punter who is using it. Stealth Forex is:
'A smash-bang HIT in the forex community. Hundreds of traders swear by it, and will go well out of their way to defend the system on various message boards in the forex community.'
Check them out. It's quite amazing how difficult it is to find a bad review - or even a bad word - about this system. And I'm not the only one:
'We searched for hours and couldn't find a single bad review of Stealth that wasn't immediately rebutted by scores of other customers defending the software's capability..' said one reviewer (who admittedly, had a link to buy the software on their page - so were clearly getting a cut).
Another plus point is that before you trade youneed to open a demo account and trade with it until you can demonstrate (to yourself) that you can successfully follow the system.

The systems alerts you when to enter the market and then again when it's advisable to exit. The owners of the product are actually trading with their indicators and they give highly-rated support. By all accounts the vendors are prompt in responding, honest, and helpful.
'In a field full of thieves, there are real people behind this product who are well worth dealing with, and that in itself is probably worth more than the purchase cost of the system.'
Which brings us to the costs.
The software costs $99 for an unlimited license with support for one year; $199 for unlimited support for life.
'Definitely value for money. It is straight to the point. No unwanted waffle, just the facts of the 4 different strategies. After sales support very helpful.'
Not cheap; but money well spent if you're looking for a simple system that works and real people to support you.
'I've been scammed before, and this is no scam.' say the users.

'I started with a $1000 capital, traded with this easy forex trading system during about 15 days and made $420!'

Not 'get rich quick' but, as advertised, definitely an enhanced performance.
'[the system] gave me 29 trade signals, only 2 of which made a small loss. That is truly unbelievable,' says another.

Unbelievable?- risk $99 and test it for yourself.
Date Reviewed: October 12, 2011, 11:06 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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