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Free demo. Demo provides a Bloomberg newscast that gives you an ongoing markets/trading discussion to listen to while you work on your computer.


Unrealistic claims in the advertising. Users report poor or non-existent customer service. Questions as to validity of their stock picking methods.


Too many questions about this software. Over-hyped claims raise too many red flags and reported complaint make it difficult to recommend this product.

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Stock Assault 2.0 Side Kick Edition from Stock Assault LLC.
Stock Assault Software Review
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Stock Assault 2.0 (Stock Pick Software) REVIEW - Does it work?

Stock Assault 2.0 is online software that uses Artificial Intelligence to logically pick your stocks for you.

How does it work?

Sock Assault is the downloadable software you can install onto your desktop.  Once installed, you let the software run in the background on your computer for at least an hour each day.  An icon will be displayed in your toolbar at the bottom of the screen that you can open up to check stock prices that have been silently downloading as you work on other projects by this seemingly cool little feature.  If you click on the icon a mini screen pops up giving you several options.  You can check on the status of the downloads and even chart the stock that is being processed, you get stock picks, run a live Bloomberg newscast, see charts or read minute by minute headline updates.

But most importantly this software program says it will produce returns in excess of 1300% per annum.

In other words, invest $500 and get back $6500 or $5000 to earn $65000!   Promises of 1300% return sets off alarm bells for me pretty quickly. But I read on to see what was on offer.  Instead of telling me about the product, they proceeded to tell me why other make money from home schemes, like e-books, don't work.  I wasn't clear what that had to do with stock trading software.  Then they move on to other stock trader money making schemes.  They explain why "Forex" trading doesn't work and how penny stock salesman are only selling the stock to you to raise the value of the penny stock that they have already purchased, so they can sell, leaving you with a worthless stock.  By comparing themselves to other on line "scammers" they seem to be putting themselves in the same category. The pot calling the kettle black if you will.  Perhaps they are using the best offense is a good defense strategy?

But what do they say they have to offer that will make me want to buy?

  • Stock Assault 2.0 offers computer generated stock picks that are based on 5 years in development time at a cost $3 000 000.
    • The program is supposed to be pulling stocks from real market boards in real time and then generating a qualified stock pick for you.
  • You are told when to buy and when to sell.  Sell long or short and when to place your bids.
  • The program adapts to any market conditions and can be run from anywhere in the world, all you need is a broker..
  • All you need is $50-$100 to get started purchasing your first pick.  Take out your gains and keep reinvesting the initial investment.

What are users saying?

Ripoff report has a claim filed against Stock Assault under bait and switch category saying the software does not access the internet, it only rolls some ticker symbols that haven't been analyzed.  When you make a pick, you are accessing their servers and they are giving you a random stock that has been uploaded to their server.

On  a scale of A+ to F, this product was given an F rating by the BBB Business Review Board for failing to rectify 2 complaints filed over a three year period.  The complaints were having to do with sales and advertising and a problem with the product. had two pages full of the same message:

  • the program does not work using Artificial intelligence,
  • the stock picks are random,
  • the returns were not 1300%,
  • the claim itself was unrealistic
  • the customer service was extremely poor when someone tried to get a product refund and could not get a person on the phone.

One user downloaded the free demo and then turned off his router.  Oddly enough the demo continued to be processing stocks an hour later.

There are lots of pages with positive reviews for the software. However, they all have affiliate links attached to the review suggesting that it is a sales pitch and not a verifiable resource for review purposes.  I can say, I downloaded the demo, and I do like the Bloomberg newscast that I can turn on and let play in the background.


This product has too many official strikes against them to offer up a positive review.  Those who reviewed it, did so with much discussion on the traders forum and they were quite disappointed with the product.  Being given an F rating by the Business Review board and having a complaint filed under ripoff report does not bode well for this product.   Too many unrealistic claims, poor customer service and questionable device running techniques leave me to say I would give this product a pass. I give Stock Assault 2.0 a 2 out of 10.

Date Reviewed: December 3, 2011, 12:38 pm
Reviewed by marilee
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