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StockPair Review From: StockPair

Trading simulator and virtual account Free online account High rate of return User-friendly website

Needs more accessibility to forein trade languanges Online trading beyond its current 5 days/week

StockPair has simplified online trading and welcomes newbies with its demonstative features.

StockPair (Pair Options Trading Broker) Review - Easiest way to trade pair options?

Ok, so we’re not seeing the horror of Black Tuesday or, thankfully, Black Thursday where people literally lost the shirt off their backs. We haven’t, thankfully, seen a decade of severe depression when only a global war seemed to improved living conditions. Instead, we’ve been through a tornado of volatility on Wall Street. The economic fallout was catastrophic where even multi-millionaires saw their bank accounts dwindle and working class families left homeless due to lack of restrictions placed on loans, trading and investments. As such, we’ve become hesitant to place our finances in the hands of someone else. There may be some of us who, instead of using a banking institution to hold our earnings, have resorted to the previous method of stashing their cash underneath a mattress.

StockPair, however, is the middle ground between rash decision-making on the conventional trade market and sleeping on lumpy mounds of money. The company has devised a way to have more control over where we’re putting our money and how long we want it to stay in one of its fifty trading pair options. As the leader of online trading, StockPair looks beyond the scope of the up-and-down effect of the traditional market and allows us to wager on the outperformance between two competing corporations in a neutralized market.

What’s so special about StockPair? While it’s a financially conservative way to go about market trading, this should be viewed as a more efficient and possibly more effective means to producing lucrative dividends – Up to 480% return rate in some cases. Being a neutral trade market, we only need to concern ourselves with where our pairs land in relation to the other. Our financial woes are put to ease with a maximum $500 limit per option reducing risk and allowing new traders to feel more at home in the stock market.

If we look further into StockPair, we get a sense of what the company is really about.

Key things to consider:

Secure Trading – Keeping a look out for our security and safety, StockPair maintains a strict level of confidence regarding our personal and financial information. As a precaution, StockPair has implemented advanced encryption communication that is upheld with procedures that won’t cross –reference our user information and their trade operations. Their compliance with international trading standards is a testament to the security measures taken.

Trading Simplified – Instead of watching a sea of trade numbers floating by, we need only to focus on the pair we’ve optioned for in this neutralized market. StockPair doesn’t fluctuate alongside of the traditional stock market which seems to come complete with stomach ulcers and nail biting. Furthermore, StockPair is easy to decipher with accessibility to both data and navigation of the trade pair chosen. Without the need for a trading dictionary full of financial lingo to refer to, StockPair developed a user-friendly system to rely on before any decisions are made. The learning curve of trading can be steep but StockPair provides information to make it less daunting.

As for the company specifically, the reviews are outstanding… In fact, it’s been deemed the best in its industry by users. Hitting the web only this past year, it’s been noted to be the easiest and most secure way of stepping into the world of online market trading. Regarded for its website trade simulator and demo trading (with a virtual $5k to trade with), StockPair increases the validity of what it has to offer.

It’s not one of those “Get Rich Now” deals; it’s a portal of information that helps us to feel comfortable with what we’re doing with our finances. Pair Options allow you to focus on picking the best market performer without exposure to the market direction, so even if the whole market goes down you can still make a profit. This is the “market neutral” aspect of Pair Options that has brought so many new clients to StockPair. We offer a variety of options, underlying assets and markets, so you can choose the best fit for your trading style.” ~ As cited from the StockPair website.

Q: What is pair trading?
A: It’s opting for one corporation over another.  Pairs (ex: Google vs. Yahoo) are chosen either with a fixed (up to 86% return on StockPair) or floating (up to 480% return on StockPair) option. There are benefits to each, though with a fixed trade, the investment is locked in until the expiration date whereas a floating trade is more flexible with its expiration.

Q: What results can I expect?
A: Using the above example, you choose Google to outperform Yahoo in a fixed trade with a predetermined rate of return of 82% and an investment of $100. When the time of expiration rolls around and Google stock has outperformed Yahoo, your initial $100 becomes $182. You’re ‘in the money’ as they say. However, if Yahoo outperformed Google, you would lose your $100 investment. Nothing more, free from fees and commission – Using StockPair.

With so much hype and rave reviews, StockPair seems to be the gateway into online pair trading. Before the get-go, test out the $5k of virtual bucks and begin checking out your options. 

Date Reviewed: October 27, 2011, 5:13 am
Reviewed by melissamac
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