Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa, Dark Brown
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Strathwood Griffen All Weather Wicker 3 Seater Sofa Review From: Strathwood

Sturdy, lightweight, good looking. Will last outdoors within minimum maintenance. Good size and design.

Some small issues over cushions, range of colors - but hardly a bad word about this product.

Build quality, price, and design make this a great buy.

Looking for outdoor luxury at a reasonable price? Check out the Strathwood Griffen sofa

Dreaming of luxury patio furniture?

Perhaps you stayed in an apartment or hotel with that luxury wicker-look and now long to re-create it in your own home?

But the sort of furniture you see in high-end magazines are way beyond most people's means... which makes the Strathwood Griffen All-Weather Wicker 3-Seater Sofa (dark brown) even more attractive.

For $429.99 you get an all-weather wicker 3-seater sofa great designed for outdoor use. The wicker is constructed of woven resin with a powder-coated aluminum frame - making it very sturdy but light and easy to move around.

Matched with Strathwood's bold, contemporary design, it makes a striking piece - this is handsome furniture; superbly weather resistant and maintenance free.

No more sitting on rickety plastic chairs in your garden, yard or pool. This product will bring comfort ant style into any outdoor sitting area. 
The woven all-weather resin wicker gives the appearance of real wood. Three back and seat cushions, plus four throw pillows are included. They are made of 100% polyester and lift out for easy cleaning. 

The sofa measures 32 inches long by 79 inches wide by 30 inches tall and weighs 56 pounds including the cushions and pillows. No assembly is required and there are clever design attributes such as the flat backside which helps save precious patio space.

'Quality, ease of use, and casual elegance,' say the manufacturers. 'Strathwood furniture is sleekly designed, handsomely finished, and built to last.'

And Strathwood make a wide range of good-looking, practical outdoor products for every need.

The the sofa can be matched with a range of other Stratwood products such as tables and chairs for that full 'glossy magazine' look.
Your patio really can enhance your home! Especially with great designs such as these.

So what do the customers think of this product?
'Amazingly handsome,' said one. '... very comfortable, and is long enough that I can sleep on the patio with it.'

Ahh! Those patio snoozers are sure happy with this sofa.

'And at 72" between the armrests, it's long enough to take a nice nap in,' said another.

' 6' tall I am able to lay down on this couch with my legs stretched out and take a nap. Really pleased with this purchase,' added one more happy sleeper.

And it looks good.
'It matches with a chair and coffee table which we also purchased for our porch, and it's a very striking set all together. The pieces are lightweight, and the resin wicker feels very durable; the cushions are comfortable but with good support, and the brown/cream color scheme seems pretty versatile too.'

'This sofa is made of a beautiful, woven resin wicker,' said another customer. 'I have used it almost daily for over a month. Three people can easily sit comfortably is easy for me to move around by myself. It also features a flat back which cuts down TREMENDOUSLY on coveted patio space.'
'Great quality at an amazing price! A very attractive piece.'

And buyers are equally impressed with the good value of this product:

'I have been very impressed at the style, comfort, and durability of this sofa - at such a great price.' 
'I love it! I have admired this piece of furniture for years. Many high-end magazines will show it in luxury settings but it always cost too much.  The sofa is so nice that I am not sure I want to put it on my deck but might use it inside instead.'
And she is not the only customer who liked their sofa so much that they considered using it INSIDE the house.

There reviews included some good advice on maintenance - especially of the cushions.  'I highly recommend treating the cushions,' advised on buyer. '[then] the dust brushes off the fabric and liquids bead up where you can wipe off without staining.'

'All cushions and pillows have zippers so you can wash them when they become soiled. I plan to spray all the fabric with a protector to keep them looking new,' added another.

'The cushions and pillows are in a beige 100% polyester fabric which I sprayed with an outdoor, water resistant spray. My cushions have already been SOAKED to the core in rain and they drain and dry very quickly due to the light, poly fill stuffing in them.'

All good, then.

Most people agree that the sofa is comfortable - maybe not as comfortable as your indoor sofa for long periods of time, but 'great for kids and occasional use.'
'It immediately transformed my backyard,' said another. 'It is extremely comfortable and elegant.'

So if you have been longing for for that luxury patio look at a reasonable price, then listen to these wise words from one purchaser:
'Well made, outdoor furniture is expensive. Well made, outdoor furniture is hard to find. Well made, outdoor furniture that comes assembled is hard to find. Strathwood's all-weather wicker 3-seater sofa meets all of the above requirements and MORE.'

Best couch in it's class. Check out this link for excellent prices and more information.

Date Reviewed: May 22, 2012, 11:29 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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