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Has full color photos and a reasonable price.


Not thought of highly in the MMA and martial arts community. Over-hypey sounding promotional materials.


While there might be some good stuff in here, I'd think twice about spending my money on it. Some of the techniques are quested by those in the actual fighting community.

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Street Fighting Uncaged Review from Jeff Anderson
Street Fighting Uncaged Review
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"Street Fighting Uncaged" by Jeff Anderson - FULL REVIEW

Have you ever worried that someone would approach you on the street and try to harm you, mug you or even kidnap you? As a relatively small woman myself, I have thought of this before. Itís a scary thought and not knowing how to defend yourself when youíre out alone is even more frightening.

Or what if youíre a guy out on a date with your girl and some thugs approach you on the way to your car? Do you know what to do? Would you be able to defend yourself and your date?

There is a product that claims it can offer you everything you need in order to escape the above situations and more unharmed. Street Fighting Uncaged by Jeff Anderson says it can teach you to:

  • Trick your attacker into opening up his most vulnerable targets
  • Rip your opponents to shreds in close quarters combat
  • Become a bare-knuckled brawler
  • And so much more

It says it has 100 step-by-step photos to help you learn the techniques within. Hereís a sneak peak of what you are supposed to find inside:

1.†††††† How to use a street thug's head like a bowling ball to overwhelm his central nervous system and throw him like a ragdoll over a table, chair, or into his buddies who are running to answer his screams of pain! Pages 27-28

2.†††††† The convenient "handle" on your attacker's body (no, it's not his "package"!) that gives you instant leverage to drag him to the ground or throw him 30 feet in any direction you want! (This little "trick" even works when your attacker is straddling you on the ground and pounding away at your head from high above! Nasty!) Pages 72-73

3.†††††† How to deliver an "under the radar" crushing blow so quickly and efficiently that it will ruthlessly dislocate joints and tear ligaments so that you can tear into the next assailant or escape with your life. Page 33

That is literally just the beginning of what this product claims to be able to teach you to do. But does it sound a little over-hyped? The marketing almost sounded a bit more violent than self defense to me. I also wasn't sure if the techniques being mentioned were real or if they would work if I tried them. So I did a little more digging...

What People Are Saying:

So this all sounds well and good and based on the sales page alone, Iíd be sold. But then I started digging into opinions of those in the MMA and martial arts community and they didnít seem to share the same enthusiasm for the product.

It promises to teach you real street fighting MMA moves but users on an MMA and Martial Arts forum have other ideas. One post on the product says:

ďThere was a time when I would have been impressed by the above links, the "logic" involved would have appealed to my little guy syndrome. Now, knowing the rules to "MMA" I'm surprised anyone would fall for them (especially the defense that will easily enable you to put an attacker who has you mounted and is raining blows down on you to the ground). I did a search for Jeff Anderson and Street Fighting Uncaged and didn't see anything relevant so if its been talked to death before, my apologies, I though we could all point and lulz.Ē

Another commenter criticizes a technique that can be seen in one of the images:

"If you look closely, he is advocating blocking a knee with your forearms. I'm sure that Kintanon would cringe at that thought, especially since he broke his arm against 'just' a kick (no disrespect WhiteShark :-).Ē

Ouch! They really reamed into this product.

The Verdict

The product appeals to the dangerous side of the potential buyer or those who may have always dreamed of being a real street fighter but the techniques are questionable in the actual MMA and martial arts community.

I cannot actually find any non-affiliate links that say anything positive about this product. It may have some good stuff inside in theory but Iím not convinced that it can make you a real street-fighting pro or even if it would help you when wrestling around the backyard with family. The marketing is really over-hyped and full of catch-phrases to reel you in. Iíd be cautious of spending any money on this product.

Date Reviewed: March 14, 2012, 12:06 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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