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Simple and easy to use anywhere. Upfront marketing - simple, positive affirmations


The science behind the idea is unproven and cited studies have no control factor. No independent user reviews


Belief is very powerful but I do not believe that these MP3s are the answer.

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There's an awful lot going on in your subconscious; in fact most of us understand these days that what we are aware of within our minds is only scratching the surface.

Consequently, there is also an awful lot of interest in how to tap into the power of the subconscious; whether to address negative self-beliefs (or change our 'self talk') or to deal with more practical concerns like losing weight or giving up smoking.

According to the makers of Subliminal MP3s, you can 'program your mind for success' - whatever your goals might be.

This is achieved by 'freeing yourself from long held patterns of thinking' with powerful subliminal messages (in just 20 minutes a day).

According to the makers of this product, subliminal messages are a mild form of hypnosis, during which suggestions are sent into your subconscious mind which will 'rewrite your self beliefs', ways of thinking, and even patterns of behavior.

Because the messages 'bypass' your conscious mind, they avoid any resistance from inbuilt or received beliefs. 

With over 200 professionally produced subliminals, 'the possibilities are limitless' - and you can browse through the options easily on the Subliminal MP3 website. Some of the most popular are 'Develop A Positive Attitude' 'Be Happy' 'Win The Lottery' and 'Attract Women' (no surprises there...) but there are also many other options such as 'Think Yourself Thin' 'Attract Money' 'Overcome Addictions' 'Business Success' 'Control your Emotions' and even sports and language subliminal training.

The makers are clear that there is nothing tricky or complicated about this process. The messages are just simple positive affirmations, such as 'I have a natural level of self motivation' and 'I stay motivated when things get difficult'.

The affirmation is played at a higher sound frequency that the human ear can (consciously) hear ('just on the edge of human hearing levels'). However according to the promoters, the information is still picked up and processed by the powerful subconscious mind, which takes in the information and stores it.

'With enough exposure you can make changes to your belief systems, ways of thinking, habits, and much more.'

Ironically, it is because you can't hear anything that the subliminal audio is so effective. 

What you actually do hear is one of five different sound tracks (Ocean, Rainfall, Fire, Wind and Silent). And, apparently, the silent track can help you gain a greater level of immersion in your subliminal messages and therefore help you advance towards your goal quicker.

The idea is that your conscious resistance to change is bypassed, and 'natural change can happen from within.'

Now of course this is where our conscious mind intervenes and asks all sorts of practical questions. Is there research into this technology, for example? How do we know if it works?

Well the Subliminal MP3 website lists some research studies, which (unsurprisingly) conclude that the subconscious mind can perceive subliminal messages and that, for example, subliminal messaging can have an effect on academic performance, weight loss and smoking cessation.

And (again unsurprisingly) there are some strong endorsements on the Subliminal MP3 website from customers. 

'I can assure anyone who is in doubt: It does work,' said one. 'I found more harmony, strength and self belief just by playing them whatever I was doing.'

'The Find Harmony album gives me great enthusiasm, even at the end of any busy day,' said another.

However despite extensive searching I couldn't find any independent user comments on this product to substantiate these claims.

And independent research argues that, 'although such tapes are ubiquitous, there is a lack of empirical evidence for any effectiveness beyond that of a “placebo” effect.'

So listening to the MP3s might make people feel better because they are doing something... but there's no way of discerning whether the it's the 'doing something' or the MP3s that make a difference (just like taking sugar pills in medical experiments - people feel better because they believe they are taking medication).

And there is also considerable doubt over the science behind messages that are beyond the reach of the human ear. An experiment where subliminal audiotapes were subjected to a spectrographic analysis found 'no evidence for the presence of any identifiable speech sounds.'  

The 'science' here concludes that if these tapes help people it's because they believe they will.

Which, in some kind of roundabout way, just proves the power of the mind!

Each MP3 costs $14.97 and there are discounts for multiple buys. And you can download samples for free which would seem the best way forward for people interested in this idea. If you believe, it may just change your life!
Date Reviewed: March 16, 2012, 11:24 am
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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