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SugarSync For Business offers a strong and affordable package for the digitally connected small business with "unlimited" cloud storage, sync and share. Better Business Bureau, Accredited Business with an A+ rating.


One user complained of a problem that seemed to be related to not reading the complete instructions, or using the tutorials.


Reviewers, including the Wall St. Journal and gave SugarSync for Business high praise. All around expert cloud services company with a robust syncing platform and unlimited cloud storage for business. Users own their content!

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SugarSync For Business from SugarSync, Inc.
SugarSync For Business Review
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SugarSync For Business Review – Who does Cloud Services best?

SugarSync has emerged as the top choice for small business cloud-based online storage with more syncability for file destination to every kind of digital device in use today. The San Mateo, CA company SugarSync, Inc., an independent start-up, introduced SugarSync in 2008 to be able to sync across multiple devices with any of a persons’ files including photos, media, music and documents of any kind. Here’s what we’ve found.

Professional reviewers consistently give SugarSync top rankings, and report high levels of positive feedback from SugarSync users. Online storage has morphed into Cloud Services, and SugarSync has become an independent force muscling into big boys of tech territory with lightening speed. Business media took quick notice of SugarSync, and it didn’t take long for “SugarSync For Business” to arrive in 2010.

Last year, the Gadget Guide, did an in-depth evaluation of the top 10 cloud-based online storage companies, and

"The Ultimate Victor: SugarSync is essentially everything we wanted. It combines the best bits of all of the other services and weaves it together into a fast and intuitive package.”  GIZMODO
The bloggers at Gizmodo are serious tech geeks who know how to evaluate a product, and they picked SugarSync over Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon and Moby among others. What separates SugarSync from the others in the field, is its software’s ability to sync its users updates automatically and continuously.

What makes it unique?

SugarSync's unique ability is to work on virtually every kind of device including computers, laptops, notebooks, smart phones, pads and readers of all the different companies and brands. This alone is the biggest advantage of SugarSync For Business: the ability for working groups inside a company to share real-time access to the same data anywhere, anytime. To be able to make revisions to drafts, programs, proposals – in the moment on the fly.

Second most important is that you can sync any folder to the cloud from any of the many devices previously mentioned – that’s right. “Sync any folder to the cloud” said SugarSync CEO Laura Yecies last week on the the Wall St. Journal Online live segment “Digits.”
SugarSync For Business adds an administrative dashboard and live phone support for your organization’s cloud services package.

The best method yet for replicating files. It really works. WALL STREET JOURNAL
Who would benefit?

Any business where collaboration is utmost for team focus and concentration, and needing real-time access to plans from different members in varied locations. Individuals and digital entrepreneurs who are on the go and need instant access to large files like contracts. Design firms with the need to be able to access and share large graphics files in synced folders with customers.

SugarSync is a convenient way to back up, sync, and access files from anywhere,anytime.        BLOOMBERG

Wireless News
reported last fall the French telecommunications unit, France Telecom-Orange, choose SugarSync to provide Personal Cloud services to Orange’s 2.7 million business customers.

In business, like sports, you need the competitive advantage, and SugarSync gives you that advantage - no matter where you compete.                                                                                                     CLOUD SERVICES REPORT


SugarSync For Business is priced at a modest $55 a month for "unlimited" storage with 3 Users, or save $110 for $550 a year. Add more users at any time. Contact the company for volume pricing.

SugarSync Reviews and Head-to-Head Wins
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Changed the way we look at online backup...this is online storage done right.  LAPTOP


How safe are your files and folders, designs and contracts, company reports in progress and all the rest of the important data we send from the office to the cloud? SugarSync assures us that it offers data protection and data recovery, and all secure file uploading and downloading is TLS (SSL 3.3) encrypted for your peace of mind.

"Your files are 100% secure."   SugarSync

Date Reviewed: May 10, 2012, 9:18 am
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