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+Precise Controls +Lots of Content +Old-school Platforming


-Insanely Hard -Gimmicky Characters


Super Meat Boy is worth your time and money if you love a good platformer or a creative indie title.

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Super Meat Boy from Team Meat
Super Meat Boy Review PC
John Laschober rates this 4.5/5
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Hard-core platforming just got juicier

Old-school gamers rejoice! Super Meat Boy is here to make your thumbs bleed. With a reputation of being one of the hardest video games out there, Super Meat Boy delivers on every level. You are Super Meat Boy, the wonderfully bloody star of this gut-mashing game. The goal is simple: Dr. Fetus stole your girlfriend, and you have to get her back. This, of course, is easier said than done. The game plays similar to Super Mario Bros. but with elements from Ninja Gaiden. Meat Boy can run fast, jump, and even wall jump up straight surfaces. The problem comes from the environment itself. Levels are littered with chainsaws, death-pits, saw-blades, killer blobs, deadly salts, spikes, acid, projectiles, lasers, rockets, and more. Dr. Fetus isn't making your job any easier.


 The controls in this game are spot on. Movement feels precise, jumping feels accurate, and you have control in mid-air. In a game as hard as Super Meat Boy, spot-on controls are necessary. Team Meat nailed it on the head. That said, the game isn't any easier. You will die, a lot, and a gamepad is recommended. This game is virtually impossible to play with a stock keyboard, though doing so may be the ultimate challenge. 


 The graphics in Super Meat Boy are a mixed-bag, ranging from a nice high-definition homage to the old SNES days, or straight up gameboy clones. This doesn't detract from the overall presentation of the game though, as only the hidden levels completely alter the graphics. The levels are varied and usually always impressive. Getting to the next level always leaves you with a sense of foreboding for what's to come.


In terms of gameplay, Super Meat Boy has what every platformer enthusiast could ask for. Different gimmicks litter each level, and each of them will probably kill you at least twice. Each course places your girlfriend, Bandage Girl, in a different area, and it's up to you to maneuver through the death-traps to save her. The game does a good job of slowly ramping up the difficulty to the point where the player can cope with the task at hand. Never did I feel like the game was being too unfair or cheap. If you mess up, it's your own fault for not having lightning-fast fingers. The levels also have bandages that can unlock you new characters with new abilities, though they each have different cons to balance out the pros. I felt like a few of the characters were too gimmicky to play as, with some launching you through the air, or others able to launch themselves forwards at high speeds. The game was really made around Meat Boy, not these other characters. Warp zones also allow you to unlock extra bandages, though they're often hidden and can be hard to reach. They usually mock an old video game, which is awesome if you can pick up on all the little references. The game is divided into seven world, each having a unique boss fight. The bosses are usually platform-based, containing few gimmicks and ending with awesome cut-scenes.

Final Thoughts

 This game does have a dark atmosphere, so younger players should stay away. Blood splatters the walls and chainsaws as you explode, dark humor plagues the cut-scenes, and there are a few profanities in the game. Also, the game is unforgiving. Warp zones only give you three lives, and the main game will not help you pass a level. This shouldn't keep anyone else away though, because Super Meat Boy will keep you coming back for more. Whether you want a faster time on the leaderboards, more characters, or you're designing your own mad creations in the level editor, Super Meat Boy will keep you coming back for more and is worth your time.
Date Reviewed: October 15, 2012, 9:26 am
Reviewed by John Laschober
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