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Natural, safe, easy to follow. Claims to work with all types of hair loss.


Proof of effectiveness not convincing.


I would like to see more independent user comments on this system before recommending fully. Method may be useful to some.

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Total Hair Regrowth program from
THR Hair Again Review
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THR's "Hair Again" REVIEW - Here's what we found...

Are you (literally...) losing your hair?

John Kelby's Total Hair Regrowth systems promises to help with this distressing (and very common) problem.†

'Don't wait!' he says. 'Your hair won't get any better and you have the power to change it.'

Which is good to know because there's nothing that feels more powerless than your hair falling out. Just ask Samson.

Mr Kelby's system is available via instant access download with a one time fee.

'You will re-grow your hair,' he says.

No matter how long you've suffered from hair loss or how much you've already lost.

And this is an all-natural method. Thereare no sprays, pills, shampoos or drugs and it doesn't matter how old you are.

The system is based on the assumption that you have lost (or are losing) your hair because of a blood-supply issue to the roots. Because it has no nourishment, John Kelby says, the hair has no way of developing. It is 'literally dried out.'

So, says Mr Kelby, 're-establishing the source of nourishment will promote hair growth.'

You treat the root cause, and by solving that your lost hair will come back, 'within 2-5 weeks.'

You will need to commit yourself to spend 5 minutes a day following the instructions in "Hair Again!", and the results are 'now guaranteed.'

'If you donít stop hair loss and see new hairs sprouting up within 2-5 weeks then I donít deserve your money and will offer you a full refund with no questions asked,' says John Kelby.

As always, it is worth reading the small print on the refund conditions.

Given that, you Total Hair Regrowth promises that you can get your hair back †quickly, safely and naturally, according to this system.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? So lets look a bit more closely and the contents of the program. Firstly, there's a 'powerful home made remedy' to prepare your scalp for re-growth. The program looks at different types of hair loss and the options for these; plus a review of over the counter products. There's 'a simple gravity trick to speed up hair growth' and an examination of common mistakes made by people in your position.
Other methods are discussed, such as stimulating the scalp with gentle massage.

There is also a 'rare and natural ingredient' that is 'loaded up' with growth factor and advice on how to unleash your body's natural ability to promote hair growth naturally.

The system costs $37.95.

John Kelby does agree with independent sources that hair loss can be hereditary, but also lists other causes of baldness such as shock and 'traction alopecia' caused by 'excessive hairstyling.'†

However most independent views are that 'you're losing your hair because you're genetically predisposed to' - not as a result of stress or ponytails or wearing a baseball cap.
And in cases where hair falls out because of chemotherapy treatments or other cases of severe trauma, the hair generally starts to grow back again once the body is allowed to recover.†

So can John Kelby's sytem help with this most common cause of hair loss?

It is difficult to find any independent comments on his system and the ones I did find hedge their bets.

'Thereís a money back guarantee so itís worth a try,' said one.

'There is a very good chance you will benefit from using it,' said another. Which is kind of positive, but still cautious.

Independent views agree that the general rule of thumb is that hair can be thickened anywhere it is still growing so if this is the case with you then John Kelby's system may help.

But independent success stories are a little thin to make a full recommendation.
Date Reviewed: February 3, 2012, 12:24 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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