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A neat device for working out in small spaces or on the go.


You may have issues if you are not using this product properly and it's not the best for everyday use at home since there are more quality options.


Great for those who travel a lot and want to stay in shape or a get a little workout done in a hotel room.

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TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor from Fitness Anywhere
TRX Pro Pack Review
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Is the TRX Pro Pack plus Door Anchor Good for Fitness Buffs?

For people who travel a lot for business or pleasure and donít want to miss a workout while theyíre on the road, the TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor can be a lifesaver.† It gives you a great workout almost anywhere at any time, and it can also be used at home in lieu of expensive home fitness equipment.

I purchased the TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor for about $200 and it was well worth the investment. Instead of spending a ton on a gym membership that I wouldnít be able to use often enough, this was really the perfect solution.

What it includes

The TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor includes the TRX suspension training P2 Model, the door anchor and storage bag as well as two bonus workouts focused on an endurance circuit and a metabolic blast. It also includes a 65-minute basic training DVD and 35-page workout guide. A 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee is also included so that if you decide you donít like it, it can be returned for any reason.

What it provides

The TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor will help you increase strength, including core strength, flexibility, and it also allows you to spot train areas you really want to improve upon. It is obviously not a piece of equipment that will give you a cardio workout, but I found by adding a 30-40 minute jog along with it, youíll get the ideal all around workout that you need, where ever you might be.


The TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor comes with a basic training workout video which is helpful for beginners. It includes a workout guide with tips, tricks and illustrations that will help improve your exercise routine.

I didnít think the DVD was that great; itís just okay if you donít have the option of personal instruction, but I would recommend getting some in-person instruction if at all possible. Good technique is imperative for a good workout. †If you have a friend or, even better a personal trainer, who can critique your workout, youíll be ahead of the game.


The TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor is very easy to setup. Iíve used it at home, in hotel rooms and even out camping. A sturdy tree branch provides a great place to use it. I tend to camp out in rather remote areas where I donít have to worry about nosy neighbors, but if you donít care what anyone thinks you could easily use this at even a crowded campground as long as there are trees around.


The system seems to be made of high-quality materials and is very sturdy. Some people I have talked to complained that the straps seem to fray easily and were concerned that they might have to be replaced; however, upon further discussion it seems it was used by children and/or teenagers who wanted to hang on to it like a monkey, and itís not meant to be used this way.


This is a great piece of equipment to add to any home gym, but even better for people who are constantly on the go and donít want to miss a workout. If you donít achieve great results, it may be that you arenít using proper technique. Iíd recommend studying the videos and/or considering a consultation with a personal trainer who can assist you. While some people did not find that the TRX Pro Pack + Door Anchor was worth the money, I found it to be a good value for my own needs.

Date Reviewed: May 23, 2012, 2:51 pm
Reviewed by Lisa Mason
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