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Unique approach from highly qualified and respected coach. Good reviews. Serious and high calibre program.


Pricey. Demanding - not for the 'casual' exerciser.


Recommended if at any time in your life you've wished you looked like Daniel Craig!

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TACFIT Commando fitness program by Scott Sonnon from
TacFit Commando Review
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"TACFIT Commando" by Scott Sonnon - REVIEW

In a crowded market for exercise routines (such as P90X), it's hard to stand out.

But TACFIT Commando has an edge on all the others I've reviewed.

And that edge is Scott Sonnon 'possibly the fittest guy in the World' as one reviewer said. 

Scott has an impeccable pedigree training the military across the World, working with the notoriously secretive Israeli military and even venturing behind the Iron Curtain to learn from the Soviets.

You can learn 'previously non-disclosed methods that Navy SEALS, Marines and real-life Secret Agents are using right now' says the blurb.

(and yes, they do mention Daniel Craig as James Bond - just to get the visual firmly stuck in your mind...)

But this is far from a trivial 'Hollywood' approach. This is fitness formulated to 'maintain mission readiness'.

And, interestingly, it has been designed to be completed anywhere, with no equipment, 'in about the same amount of space you'd need to lie down in.'

No expensive gym equipment, not a kettleball in sight. Just you, your body and your mission (which is, in this case, to create 'go muscle, not show muscle.')

As the promotors say, you need go muscle to save the World.

The program is quick, too. It only takes 20 minutes to complete, but is 'packed with intensity'. And being bodyweight only there's no excuse. You can complete it in your living room, your garden, your deck on the beach or just out in the street.

Scott Sonnon is also known as the 'Flow Coach' and this is an important aspect of the program. You engage your mind so that you are in the moment with the exercises and therefore maximize the benefits. 'No exercise for exercises sake,' says Scott. 'Tactical operators don't have time to **** around.'

Working out in the field requires movements that are 'unorthodox, varied, unconventional, and improvised,' he says.

The program builds in progression and an increased level of sophistication. This also (according to the blurb) translates into 'the greatest challenge and the most fun you’ve ever had working out.'

And there is a strong focus on quick recovery. 'The one who can shake it off and go again survives,' says Scott.

TACFIT Commando employs a rotation of 4 different training modes which ensures built-in injury prevention as well as rapid recovery. 

And the claim is that TACFIT-style metabolic conditioning burns more fat than cardio because your metabolism is kicked into high gear even after you've completed the session. 

And each workout is based on Coach Sonnon’s '6 Degrees of Freedom' model: heaving, swaying, surging, pitching, yawing and rolling.

'In a sea of "functional training", TACFIT Commando stands out in its simplicity and its intricacy' says one military man and reviewer quoted on the TACFIT Commando website.

The program is not cheap: $137 for the basic package which includes a series of eBooks, videos, 'rapid recovery secrets', a warrior diet plan etc. However look out for discounts via reviewer webpages.

There is a great deal of interest in this program online and plenty of discussion - check it out, and also take a look at the You Tube videos which will give you a very good idea of the approach.

People, generally, love it.

'It's a tough program,' said one. 'You do each exercise in short sessions. Sonnon is a good coach.'

'[Sonnon's] exercises integrate progression in a unique way from typical programs - He increases how complicated the exercises are to do, instead of increasing repetitions or amount of weight.'

And it is this 'complication' factor that people especially like.

'The exercises themselves are fascinating, and in many cases you've never seen anything like them' - from a review by a self-confessed 'fan', who, nevertheless includes good detail about the program in his review.

People also like the scalability of the exercises, 'it helps dramatically with learning,' said a customer.

As well as the You Tube TACFIT Commando videos there are example workouts available to view for free, which should help you decide if this program is for you (see sources, below). 

And there's no doubt that this is, as one reviewer says, 'VERY serious fitness, kind of startling in its approach, while maintaining a level of variation and creativity that engages the mind as well as the body.'

I can feel my body twitching to get started already!
Date Reviewed: March 22, 2012, 6:26 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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