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vibrant community, talented artists, lots of content comes with membership


check forums for comments before buying - server has gone down


worth joining if you are a serious tattoo fan who can't find your dream tattoo elsewhere

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TattooMeNow ("Find Your Dream Tattoo") Review - Worth becoming a member?

Thinking of getting a tattoo?
Want to browse your options on the internet?
It's not as easy as you might think.
TattooMeNow is an online community that promises to help you find your dream tattoo.
'The World's largest Tattoo design membership site,' they say.
With 4852 tattoo designs and 55,000 members since 2005.
'But why should I have to pay?' I hear you say.
Well the internet may be a fabulous tool to get started (just search on 'best tattoo designs') but talented artists have to make money.†
They simply can't upload their designs for free.
And if they do find their work published online they often attempt to get it taken down.
So... if you can find what you want for free, then good luck, but remember that a tattoo is more permanent than any hairstyle, clothing or accessories you might choose (and get bored with after a year or two...)
A tattoo is for life - just search on 'tattoo removal' to find out how many big mistakes have been made.
TattooMeNow hire the artists to draw designs exclusively for them.†
'World-class tattoo artists who design tattoo flash exclusively for us. The tattoo designs are often very detailed and of high resolution,' they say.
'Our gallery contains some of the most beautiful and unique designs you'll find anywhere.'
The membership offers access to many other services, including:
An active forum for discussion and feedback on your tattoo ideas; the design gallery; a member photo gallery, a tattoo video vault and a directory of tattoo studios.
There is good feedback listed on the TattooMeNow website:
'After becoming a member of TattooMeNow I was that impressed with the site I have been recommending it for clients that are having trouble finding ideas for their designs,' said one artist.
'After almost giving up trying to find a tattoo I wanted online, Iím so glad I found TattooMeNow,' said another customer.
But then you'd expect this kind of testimonial on the product website.
Getting a tattoo is a big deal; you're going from 'empty skin' to (hopefully!) a stunning tattoo.
This requires careful consideration, viewing lots of tattoo ideas, talking to people, getting feedback and making sure you choose the right tattoo artist to do the job.
And Tattoo Me Now comes recommended from within the community.†
'It is probably the premiere helpful information on tattoo art online in addition to a vibrant lifestyle community.'
A year's membership is around $30, a lifetime membership around $10 more.
For the cost of a new sweater you get tattoo photos in 38 categories plus a studio directory.
Anyone can use the design system. It doesnít matter if you are completely new to tattoos or an expert.†
If you implement the steps you will learn how to design your own tattoo (although of course perfection requires practice!)
And the community comes well recommended:
'The true value is in being part of a creative and helpful community, all sharing a true love of tattoo art.'
If this sounds like your kind of group then the investment is probably well worth it.
You have instant access to a host of resources and you can download and print as many designs as you like for your term of membership.
New designs are added on a consistent basis.
Plus loads of ideas, inspiration and resources.
'Beware, it's fun to browse (especially the video vault) and this site can easily become addictive!' said one reviewer.
Some customers didn't like the sign up requirements and one person reported problems with accessing the site once they had joined and paid.
This turned out to be a server problem which was resolved. However he advised, 'proceed with caution.'
But if you are serious about finding or designing the right tattoo for you and haven't found anything out there in the free world, then TattooMeNow could be just the place you want to be a part of.
Date Reviewed: November 25, 2011, 3:29 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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