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16,000 plans makes it a very comprehensive online resource for any woodworker, each plan comes with detailed step by step instructions, video tutorials are also included in the package, 60-day money back guarantee


Credentials of Ted McGrath are unverifiable, Very Low rating by Better Business Bureau, False company address raises suspicion about the company, a series of customer complaints follow this product


Consider buying this program only if you are willing to take a risk on the company’s credibility. However, the 60-day money back guarantee does cover your financial risk.

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Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Package from Ted McGrath
Teds Woodworking Review
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Ted McGrath's "Woodworking Package" (16,000 Plans) - REVIEW

Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Package is a comprehensive online package of woodworking plans. The package includes more than 16,000 working plans with step by step instructions. It is suited for both professional woodworkers as well as hobbyists. Ted ‘Woody’ McGrath describes himself as a professional woodworker, education, and a member of Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). He has helped more than 50,000 carpenters and woodworkers all over the world create superior woodworking projects.

This product for sale is a quick and easy way to achieve success with your woodworking ideas and creativity. Apart from 16,000 projects and woodworking plans, the package also includes detailed blueprints and materials lists. Woodworkers of any skill level can make use of this program with equal ease but of course making a functional table, entertainment center, or desk does require some practice. It is not necessary for you to be a carpenter or joiner to be able to create high quality woodworking projects with this package but to make a level piece of furniture of wood will involve some trial and error.

What do you get?

What is fabulous about this woodworking package is that it allows you to download more than 16,000 plans and projects online along with detailed step by step instructions. In addition, you will obtain a DWG/CAD Plan Viewer, which means you do not have to invest in the expensive CAD software such as AutoCAD to view the plans. You will also receive a software program that allows you to create original woodworking plans as well as modify the existing ones according to your needs and personal parameters.

Another sterling accessory or attribute of this product is that it will also give you a lifetime access to more than 150 exclusive woodworking videos on a wide range of woodworking subjects. The videos are hosted by highly recognized woodworkers in the field. You will also receive a book called “How to start a woodworking business” that can help you turn your hobby into a profitable business. Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Package also provides you carpentry guides with over 200 pages of tips and ideas on woodworking along with clear diagrams, drawings and pictures.

The Cost of this Product

The price for Ted McGrath’s Woodworking Package is $67. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Since the product is delivered online, so no shipping charges or handling costs are deducted, and you can get the full refund within 60 days.

What Others are Saying

Third party reviewers have largely a positive opinion about this package. However, independent customer views reveal a different picture. A potential customer at says: “Personally, I wouldn't spend anything on it. Looks like a bunch of plans pulled from other resources and consolidated in one place. May be nice if you want just plans and aren't the type to design your own but I suspect, from looking at what's available, there are plenty of other resources for less money.” These statements are common in this field of work, but the following are a bit troubling to say the least.

An independent reviewer at Yahoo Answers says: "Not only is 'Ted' selling copyrighted material that he does not own or have permission to redistribute, the whole business is a fraud."

Better Business Bureau has given an “F” rating to Ted’s Woodworking. It lists the reason for this low rating that 14 complaints have been filed against the business with the BBB. BBB goes on to expose another shocking fact about Ted’s Woodworking. It says: “According to the company's website the company resides at 319 Tama St. in Slater, Iowa. The United States Post Office has confirmed that there is no such address in Slater, IA. We have no information on where this company is actually located.”

This single piece of information casts a shadow of doubt over this entire product and company. In addition, even if the address was valid and the material was original, you cannot learn how to make a desk out of wood or an entertainment center just by watching a video. The video and explanation may help but making a decent table or certainly a chair (which is much more difficult), takes dozens of hours of time, even months of time. Learning how to use a sander, several types of drills, saws, and other types of tools consumes a massive amount of time. Certainly the video will help; though, you have to have some sort of direction. If you do not know anyone personally that wants to take the time to help you, watching a video repeatedly is critical. But it does not seem too many people are happy or enamored with the product put forth by Ted McGrath.

Date Reviewed: December 11, 2011, 12:52 pm
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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