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Schemes do exist, this is the easiest and simplest way to find out about them.


No customer service phone no. Feedback from users is not positive.


Only worth trying if you fit advertisers' profile. Even then you have to be patient.

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"The Free Car" ( REVIEW - Is this for Real?

'Drive a brand new car for free,' say The Free Car.
Am I dreaming?
All brand new and the latest models. Or if you already have a car, then you - according to The Free Car website - can get paid to drive your own car.
No, this isn't a government auction site either.
No catches, they say, and no hidden costs. You drive your new, free car, 'wrapped' by the sponsor company; or have your own car wrapped.
You may have seen these 'wrapped' cars driving around your neighborhood. The sponsoring company wraps the cars in vinyl film printed with a graphic advertisement promoting their company or service - anything from cellphones, to a new restaurant, a shop or warehouse or wine cellar.
If you are selected for a free car, you pay only for gas and insurance. If you have your own car wrapped then you'll be paid a fee for driving a moving advertisement (between $100 and $3,200 per month, depending on 'program participation'.)
The Free Car has a database of companies that offer free cars or pay you to drive yours. For a one time fee you get access to this information.
Membership costs between $30 and $40, depending on the length and type of membership.
So what do you get for this fee?
Well, firstly you get access to the 'members only area' which basically means the database of companies that may be looking for people to join up. You get 'tips and hints' to 'jump-start' your application. 
To apply you must be 18 or older, have a valid drivers license, and be a citizen or permanent resident of the USA, the UK, Canada, France or Spain. Plus most sponsor companies require a minimum mileage per annum and a clean driving record. 
And The Free Car does not guarantee your acceptance on one of the programs.
You'll be required to fill out a detailed application: advertisers want to know how many miles you drive, on what highways, and where you park. The more people who are likely to see your vehicle, the better chance you have of being accepted by the sponsor companies.
And The Free Car make it clear that they are not involved with selection, and take up depends on how many advertisers sign up for the program. 
So are these schemes real? And is it worth paying for access to the information?
Well, there is no doubt that sponsor companies do exist, and they do provide free cars. 
'There's enough truth in it and enough potential opportunity to make it worth a serious further look,' said one advice website.
To get a free car you agree to drive a car that displays advertising. Typically, the arrangements are not handled directly by the company but a marketing or advertising agency. Obviously, it is in the marketing company's interest to register your details because then they can give the advertiser best exposure.
The Free Car is essentially giving you a list of these marketing or advertising companies so that you can register your information.
You have a better chance of a free vehicle if you drive a lot in a heavily populated or high traffic area. If this isn't you, you're unlikely to be accepted no matter now many companies you register with. Sponsors want their ads to be seen by as many people as possible in a specific area.
And if this is your only car you must agree to drive it everywhere you go. Weddings, funerals, the mall, seven days a week. Competition is heavy so you may have to be well qualified and patient in order to be accepted.
'Free is not always easy,' as the advice sites say.
But of course, for a free car, it might be worth it.
The Free Car will give you access to the companies that are running these schemes .
And generally, the independent feedback on this service is not great.
'All they do is sell you a list. You pay $39.95 for a list of companies that may or may not accept you and may not be in your city,' said one forum user.
And one 'road-tester' (no pun intended) paid the fee for the directory and registered his details. 'No one ever called,' he says. 'Maybe because I didn't fit their profile.'
There is a 90 day return policy with The Free Car so for people who feel they do fit the advertisers' profile this might be worth trying. 
But don't plan on driving around your free car any time soon.
Date Reviewed: December 16, 2011, 10:33 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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