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Very detailed and straight forward guide to building Wordpress based sites. Provides everything you need to know about keyword research, setting up Wordpress and writing great content. TKA also has an active forum with many veteran members earning more than $xx,xxxx per month.


Focuses specifically on content marketing and is centered on Wordpress sites. Other types of platforms are not mentioned and other traffic sources such as PPC, PPV or Social Media are not taught.


Overall, The Keyword Academy is a good place for beginners to learn how to build niche sites from scratch. It will save you a lot of time because all the learning material is well structured and easy to follow. Along with this, TKA provides all the tools you need including research (Niche Refinery) and link building tools (Postrunner) - something that would probably save you a few hundred dollars if you were to purchase equivalent software separately. I feel the principles taught will stand the test of

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The Keyword Academy from Mark and Court
The Keyword Academy Review
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Why The Keyword Academy Could Be A Huge Waste Of Your Time and Money - An Honest Review

I have been a member of The Keyword Academy for almost exactly one year and in that time I have been able to create some successful sites from the methods taught in their private members area. This article will share some of my successes, failures and also discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of their pro membership.

What's Inside?

Here are some of the things you can expect to find:

Core Lessons - This is the main learning area. The core lessons are set out like a blog with different pages taking you through the site development and promotion process. The tutorials are very well written and easy to follow.

Webinars - Weekly webinars are provided for members and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions. Most of the time these will be centered on one aspect of site building. Don't worry if you can't make the webinar as they are also recorded and available for download at your convenience.

Niche Refinery - Keyword research can be a pain but this web based tool makes it kind of enjoyable. Niche Refinery allows you to upload a set of keywords and it will automatically tell you how to competitive they are and whether or not the niche is worth going after. Niche refinery will provide information such as the page rank of competing sites in the top 10 of Google along with competition and CPC data.

PostRunner - Guest posting is a great way to get high quality links and PostRunner is a web based tool which allows members of TKA to guest post on other members' blogs easy. You simply select a niche relevant blog, write an article and then click send. The article will go straight to that blog for the owner to review. PostRunner will be open to the public soon expect the number of sites inside to increase dramatically. At the moment there are a few hundred sites inside which is more than enough for you to begin with.

Private Forum - This is the place to discuss strategies, ask questions and post your success stores. The atmosphere is friendly and there are many helpful members. I've lost count of how many things I've learned in here just because someone posted one sentence that provided a Eureka moment.

The Keyword Academy provides a comprehensive set of tools that will allow you to get set up and running within a week. It contains everything that you need to get started and, unlike other Internet marketing programs, you will not have to pay for any other tools.

Is TKA still useful after Panda and Penguin?

Unlike other internet marketing programs or ebooks, TKA focuses on building sites that comply with the Google guidelines. You will not be taught how to make some "Made For Adsense" sites which have given affiliates a bad reputation. The TKA method teaches people how to build sites and promote sites the right way. There are no shady link building practices or autoblogs here so if that is what you are looking for, i'm sorry to say that you won't find it here.

Admittedly, some members of TKA have been affected by the latest Google updates but another portion have also experienced surges in traffic. Personally, I think this is down to how well each webmaster followed the guidelines - it's tempting to go get some links from a private link network when people from public forums were raving about how well they worked. Personally, I have not participated in link schemes and my TKA sites are still in good standing (I will share some stats later in the article).

What About The Results?

Over the course of the year, I built a batch of around 11 sites using the method outlined in TKA and I'm pleased to say that all of them are still making money even after the latest Penguin and Panda updates. Here are some examples:

Site 1: Product Review Site

This site is one of my lower earning site from my TKA batch but I thought i'd share it anyway. It currently makes around $80 per month through Adsense and Amazon and gets around 100 unique visitors per day.

Site 2: Finance and Lifestyle Site

My finance and lifestyle site features articles on budgeting and information on ways to save money. It makes around $150 per month through a few affiliate programs and I was also recently contacted about a banner placement which was agreed for $60 per month.

Site 3: Health Related Site

This site earns averages $200 - $300 per month through Adsense and Amazon. I have also been contacted a few times for paid link advertisements but I declined them. It currently gets around 10,000 visitors per month.

As you can see, each of these sites are earning a healthy income although it is nothing too spectacular. The great thing is that they do not require a lot of work.  Each site took around 2 hours to develop and a few hours every month to maintain (adding new content and link building. They seem to have weathered the latest Google updates which is a major plus, although expected since they are high quality sites.

Although not mentioned in the actual TKA program, my instinct going forward with TKA is to keep building out the higher earning sites and sell the lower income sites on places such as Flippa. I am fairly certain that I can get at least 10x earnings for them, so by that calculation these three sites would probably give an asset value of around $4300 plus around 8 months of income (around $600 per month) totaling $4800. This means that in one year these 3 sites could provide a total revenue of $9100. I would then reinvest the funds from the sales to create more sites and repeat the process again.

Date Reviewed: July 2, 2012, 2:15 pm
Reviewed by KateB
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