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Comprehensive methodology, email and phone support, addresses body's 'natural' anxiety receptor.


Not effective for everyone. Has to be followed exactly. Claims appear somewhat overblown.


Most useful for people who suffer from panic related anxiety rather than OCD or other obsessive behavior. Could be very good for people receptive to this approach.

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The Linden Method Review
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REVIEW of "The Linden Method" by Charles Linden - Here's what we found...

Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD and phobias - they plague our modern life. Many people will have members of their family who struggle with such conditions and many have suffered themselves, as well as a string of celebrities and media stars who confess to such problems.

You can't go out of the house, you can't plan a holiday, you worry constantly and are frozen into inaction. You obsess about your health and are unable to move forward with life.
You may have dizziness, stomach complaints, breathlessness, a racing heart, chest palpitations. Along with constant worry, obsessive thoughts, agoraphobia and mood swings. 
The Linden Method, created by Charles Linden, claims it can help.
'Easy to use,' he says, and a 'guaranteed program of recovery.'
Charles's story is one many will recognize. He suffered from anxiety for 27 years and says that developing the Linden Method was the final chapter in his recovery. 
To date the program has helped over 148,000 sufferers via a home learning package, as well as residential programs and counseling support.
You can call or email for advice from accredited staff. 'Try it,' says Charles. 'Risk free, with unlimited guidance from my center's qualified psychologists and counselors.'
'We will walk you to full recovery.'
The Linden method focuses on the causes of anxiety, which, they say, has an immediate effect. 
'You are not ill,' says Charles. 'Not physically, not mentally.'
And, he claims, the Linden Method will work for every person who follows it correctly. No exceptions. The body's natural anxiety reduction process is triggered into action, through a structured system of advice, information, exercises and support. 
'I know how alone and hopeless you may be feeling,' says Charles. But he says that he knows 'exactly what to do about it.'
The Linden Method promises to show you how to prevent anxiety or panic attacks; create a sense of clarity and create a solid foundation for the future. 
'All we need to do,' he says, 'is flick a switch to the OFF position.' 
Not magic, he says, but a 'resetting' of your anxiety. 
According to the Linden Method, a tiny organ in your brain, the amygdala, is responsible for anxiety conditions, and 'needs to be addressed directly.'
'The Linden Method talks directly to the Amygdala - effectively persuading it to change its behavior - quickly and with permanent results!'
So what do customers and users of the method say?
The responses are mixed.
'I have found benefit from this method,' said one. 'I cannot describe it as a revolution, as I have still got one more step to take before I consider myself fully recovered.'
'I got the Linden Method. I don't think it is that great,' said another. 'He says to do yoga and meditation. He says to get interested in a hobby, one that will distract your mind away from your anxiety.'
And it doesn't work for everyone.
'I have done the Linden method for the last 3 months and today I am arranging to send it back and get a refund. It told me exactly what I already knew - not how to fix it!' 
There are some comprehensive discussions about the method available on anxiety-related forums, which give balanced views. 'It is essentially a collection of things that are to be used consistently to devalue and replace anxiety with new, non-anxious thoughts and behaviors,' said one customer. 'It is an enabling tool. Charles makes it quite clear that you are the only person who can change your anxious habit. You have to make a conscious choice, and be active.'
This is a fundamental principle of the method - that change comes about by the belief, effort and persistence of the sufferer.
And some people have found it very helpful.
'I purchased the Linden Method last week and I'm half way through the program. I am finding it extremly helpful, it explains why you're feeling the way you do and helps you make sense of it.'
But the consensus is that you need to be in a certain place before you can benefit fully. 
'I bought the Linden Method,' said one customer. 'The trouble is it takes a lot of strength to focus on it and if you're feeling down it just gets left on the shelf.'
And others say that the method has most value for anxiety fueled by panic attacks. 'I recommend it in a limited way,' said one reviewer.
The Linden Method costs $177 for the printed version and $99 as a download. This includes 'unlimited' support from Charles Linden's team.
Some say the claims made are 'bullish' but also that 'this is sensible stuff for panic' and others have been reassured by the CDs and exercises. It does seem to help that Charles Linden understands the difficulties and struggles of anxiety related conditions. 
'It is, at bare minimum, not a waste of money. No, I have not experienced a miracle. But the method has reduced my anxiety and obsessions, and I think it will continue to do so as I keep using it.'
So, in conclusion, this is not a magical cure. You have to learn the method and apply it and improvement doesn't happen overnight. But it can help - check out the method here.
Date Reviewed: January 5, 2012, 4:13 pm
Reviewed by Jackie Gay
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