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The Lord of the Rings is awesome, and listening to the audio is fantastic and freeing. Need I say more?


My only complaint was when the story was over...and you can always move on to The Hobbit!


It's a must if you don't already own it—and even if you do, make sure your friends have a copy of the audio, too!

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Annmarie : I'm just a 20 yr. old girl who found ukritic and thought.. hey, why not? :) Whi...Member Reputation 2 • 5 active Krits
The Lord of the Rings Box Set J.R.R. Tolkien Audiobook from
The Lord Of The Rings Audio Review
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We all love The Lord of the Rings...want to explore the story on a whole new level?

If I were asked what I thought was the greatest story of all time, I won't hesitate to admit that The Lord of the Rings would be among the first in my mind…and I’m betting it would be first in many minds. These works of J.R.R. Tolkien’s are incredibly complex masterpieces that I don’t think could ever be topped. Written over the span of 12 years, J.R.R. Tolkien took painstaking care to carefully construct a brilliant tale that would leave millions mesmerized by the depth and flawlessness with which they were written.

I’ll be honest about the fact that I was a little intimidated to read the Lord of the Rings books myself because of their size, and the fact that they were written in a way that can be a little hard to understand, almost like reading Shakespeare. That’s why I opted for listening to them instead, using the audio books from the library. I ended up really enjoying having the story told to me, as it gave me the freedom to not only have a better grasp of the story (correct pronunciation of some of the more out-there names), but it also freed me to wash dishes or complete other simple tasks while I listened, which I found were always much more pleasant and quick—almost too quick.

I often found myself glancing about something else to wash, scrub, dust or sweep, just so I could catch the next piece of the story. And while I’m normally in a different world when I’m washing dishes anyway (good time to let the mind loose to sort through of all those strange things that have compiled in your head throughout the day), I think I occasionally annoyed my siblings being so lost in another world, as any attempt to catch my attention was pretty useless.

It really was a different experience hearing the stories versus reading them, and while both have their advantages, I think you’re getting the drift that I personally loved the audio books. It was narrated really, really well, and there were many occasions where I was like, “Gee, I’m sure glad this dude (whoever he is) is the one having to worry about that name or place and not me.” And it always amazes me that these narrators (I’ve listened to more than a few audios…yeah, I wash a lot of dishes) never stumble over their words, cough or go hoarse. I’m sure they probably edit it and stuff…but what a tedious job! Especially tackling The Lord of the Rings. Wow, that guy had guts.

Another huge plus to the audios, if you’re a fan of road trips, is the beauty of being able to listen while you drive or are a passenger in the car with nothing else to do. There’s something about each of us that really loves to be told a story, and The Lord of the Rings, as I said, is one of the greatest stories out there. Even if you’ve read the books or watched the movies (which are unbelievably awesome, by the way), the audio books are a whole different experience that you’ll love if you’re a big fan (aren’t we all?).

And even if you’re looking to explore The Lord of the Rings for the first time, the audio is a great way to find yourself in Middle Earth. It’s told in a very compelling, very interesting and yet easily-understandable way…really, a pretty awesome experience!

So, if you follow the link over to Amazon, you’ll find this amazing, unbeatable, unmatched trilogy as a book (paperback, hardcover or even the Kindle Edition), or as an audio book (cassette or CD, and this is what I wholeheartedly recommend!). Go for it!! Let yourself be swept on this thrilling adventure, whether it’s your first time or your hundredth—it’ll always leave you just as stunned!
Date Reviewed: May 8, 2012, 2:24 am
Reviewed by annmarie
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