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Double money back guarantee, the product is placed high on Clickbank’s popularity ratings, there seems to be some serious research completed to create this product


Credentials of Larry Blair are unverifiable; some of the claims on the website appear false, why has he not just chosen to play the lottery and win himself?


If you are a diehard lotto buyer, invest in this eBook. It might improve your number of winnings, regardless if the amount is big or small.

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The Lotto Black Book from The Lotto Black Book
The Lotto Black Book Review
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The Lotto BlackBook (by Larry Blair) REVIEW - Does it actually work?

Have you ever dreamt of winning the Lotto grand prize? If you are reading The Lotto Black Book review, chances are you have. Of course, there is nothing wrong with dreaming, and no harm in buying the Lotto either, as long as you are not incurably addicted to it. So the question is: Has the Lotto Black Book achieved the impossible by cracking the code of mathematical probability?

The lure of easy money has tempted human beings since time immemorial. However, at the end of the day, almost every promise of easy cash turns out to be a false dream, a castle in the air (cutting corners usually ends up hurting you). So let us objectively examine the Lotto Black Book to determine whether it is your path to becoming a millionaire, or will it leave you poorer by about $97!?

What is the Lotto Black Book?

The Lotto Black Book is an eBook program that will provide you with a formula based on lotto winning patterns. This formula can increase your chances of hitting the lotto jackpot by anywhere between 100 and 1,000 percent. The eBook has been developed by Larry Blair, who describes himself as a math professor. He says that the formula can accurately predict the lottery results 48.7 percent of the time. Well, has he won yet? That is one indication on whether or not his claims are valid or if he is just blowing smoke for anyone to hear – to him, hopefully someone gullible.

How does it work?

Larry Blair says that the first step is to attain a notebook and pen and maintain it exclusively for the lottery. Thereafter, establish the lotto game that you wish to play and track down the winning combination of numbers by following the precise guidelines provided in Larry’s eBook.

Once you have all the winning numbers lined up, you will need to apply a simple formula that is also given in the eBook. The formula will give you a 48.7 percent chance of winning each time you play! Anyone in any part of the world can use this formula with minimum amount of money to win the lotto and become instantly rich.

It is important to consider that Larry is not promising that you will improve your chances to win large sums of money. His mathematical formula simply improves your chances of winning, irrespective of the amounts. Anyway, as long as the system increases your chances of winning, whether big or small amounts, it makes it a profitable tool in the end. If you end up with more winning tickets with this formula, you can potentially accumulate a substantial amount of winnings over a period of time.

Limited Copies for Sale

Larry Blair says that he will sell only one thousand copies of the eBook at a price of $96.83. The logic behind selling limited copies is that if too many people know the formula, it will reduce the chances of winning for each one. Or it could be because Larry is an excellent marketer and he knows that boasting about the limited supply could entice more buyers thinking this product’s availability is finite. Certainly other products have done such things!

The sale proceeds from this eBook will all go to charity. It makes one wonder why Larry needs to sell the eBook to raise money for charity? He can continue to win money through the Lotto Black Book formula, and have plenty of money for charity! Isn’t it much simpler?

The official website says that as of December 13th, 2011, only 134 copies are left, which are expected to sell out in a day or two. Thereafter, Larry Blair will erase the eBook forever. However, a post dated September 9th, 2009 on also says 134 copies are left! One can safely conclude that if you visit the website a week or a month or a year from now, it is still going to say 134 copies left.

Double Money Back Guarantee

The Lotto Black Book’s money back guarantee appears too good to be true. Larry says that if you do not win at least one fat check within 60 days, you can obtain a 100 percent refund, plus Larry will personally Paypal you an $100 extra!

What Others are Saying

A third party reviewer says in favor of the Lotto Black Book: "This is why the author advises that the valuable information contained within the book is not shared with anybody. The result of too many people knowing this winning formula is that prize funds will have to be shared amongst everybody, and will be greatly reduced."

However, independent customers at have a different view. One forum member says: "Apparently only 1,000 available will be sold. There are 134 copies left right now at the bottom of the ad. Better hurry if you're going to order it, lol." (September 9, 2009)

Another member sums up the whole story succinctly, "This kind of stuff sells because people want so desperately to believe there's something out there that works. Sell the sizzle, not the steak."

A comment at says: "It is a scam. No one can predict the random set of numbers in any state or provincial draw. Too many people involved to make sure it is random. Too much money for the lottery to lose if it could be predicted. $98 any winners would have made the news bragging how they won."

Date Reviewed: December 14, 2011, 10:51 am
Reviewed by Benjamin Roussey
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