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Solid game selection from classics to originals. Nice size of the device. 3D Screen. Touch Screen.


Cost of system and games. 3D causes eye strain. Not as versatile in comparison to competing devices.


In my opinion, the Nintendo 3DS is a great device that offers solid games, but the choice is yours do you want a just casual experience that your smartphone can offer or do you want something more.

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Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo
The Nintendo 3DS
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The Nintendo 3DS: Go or no go!

The video game industry has been hit left, right, and centre. All this thanks to the ever growing smartphone games and apps market. The emergence of the 99 cent game has really impacted the area of portable gaming that was once very dominant. However, even though the smartphone age has arrived the portable game console stills exist.  Which brings me to my review. I will be reviewing the Nintendo 3DS is the portable gaming console available at the moment and I will be reviewing in terms of features, game library, design, and cost. Let's get to it.

So if you haven't already guessed from the name 3DS, the main feature of the Nintendo 3DS is its 3.5" glasses free 3D display. Yes, you heard glasses free, but don't get too excited. Although, this sounds like a cool feature the effect is not of the level of your movie theatre, or 3D tv. It also causes eye strain in prolonged use. All that said the 3d screen adds more feel in each game and is quite fun to use. Another, important feature relating to 3D is the ability to take 3D photos with your 3DS. The photos can then be viewed on your 3DS. Picture clarity is quite honestly pretty low, but once again a cool feature you can play around with. Another feature on the 3DS is the WIFI connectivity. The wifi allows you to go to Nintendo E-Shop to buy apps and games, and also surf the web. Similar to the DS, the 3DS has second touch capable screen as well. This screen is a resistive touch screen meaning that pressure needs to be applied in order to use, which some what of an older technology, but it works quite well with the stylus provided. An addition from the DS is also the new circle pad which allows gamers to move through environments with more control than a D-Pad. These are just some of the major hardware features on the 3DS, and with each software update,  new software is added often. 

Game Library
Games. The main reason you buy a portable game console is to play fun and engaging games on the go and the 3DS definitely delivers on this note. With plenty of popular games like Super Mario, Mario Kart, and others to keep you busy. This is the major selling point of the 3DS over smartphone games. You cannot find any Nintendo games on the apps market to date. Also, if you are more interested in longer and more content filled games the 3DS beats most of that which is on the apps market. If you are a retro gamer the 3DS should also draw in interest as several games of the N64 have been ported to the 3DS like Starfox 64 and Zelda. And as said earlier the 3D effect is included in most of these games adding a new feel to game environments that was never there before.

In terms of design Nintendo has not changed too much from the 3DS. The case of the system is slick and low profile. The ability to fold in the device allows for the screen, and buttons to stay well protected when you are on the go. The glossy finish on the device does however, attract a lot of finger prints.

In times like these cost of devices and such are of much concern. Unfortunately, this is downside of the 3DS with the system costing about $169.99 and games costing at $39.99 it is not that cheap to expand your library . This is why people are getting more close the smartphone because with games costing at only 99 cent you can try out several games and have a large library of games with very little expense. Albeit the quality of games are not in comparison to the 3DS, but the concept of casual gaming is starting to become more and more prevalent. 
Date Reviewed: July 2, 2012, 2:16 pm
Reviewed by Sach
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