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It works! They keep every promise they make. You can go at your own pace, and you have 24 / 7 support from experienced teachers, a Help Desk and Forum.


It's work! Do you know of many worthwhile goals that are easy? It is easier for some than others though.


This is the P90x for your brain, but it's only for those serious about intellectual excellence.

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Phenomenal Memory Course 2.0 from School of Phenomenal Memory
The Phenomenal Memory Course Review
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P90x For Your Brain! The Last Memory Course You'll Ever Look At

Memory is one skill that many other crucial skills hinge upon, and i knew that if i could improve my memory then my over all life would be enhanced. I just didn't realize how much...

Here is my experience with The Phenomenal Memory Course. 

There were a few things that immediately caught my eye about the phenomenal memory site. 

They are a Real School!
Most of their classes are online, but they do have a physical location in Washington (last time i checked) with phenomenal teachers and pump out results there too.  

They claimed that with the completion of 60 lessons you'll have the "Free movement of information throughout the brain like files in a computer!" (interesting)

Then they show you the test that you'll be able to pass after just 23 lesson. It's an amount of information that no average person would hope to be able to regurgitate. They say that anyone can 'develop the skill of not just memory, but phenomenal memory. But one needs to understand a few things first:

  1. The Theory of how and why it works
  2. Specific techniques to use on different types of information
  3. Specific exercises that will strengthen the attention and visualization to use the techniques taught. 

I think one of the biggest things that sold me was the free e-book that explained all of the methods behind the madness as well as opened my eyes to the potential within my brain. It just made sense to me, and it seemed like a product of real value with a 100% money back guarantee so i dropped the $297 and gave it a go. 

There are 60 lessons that are broken into 5 parts

Basic Training - First Database - Foreign languages - Books and complicated text - Codes and passwords.

Here is where the rubber meets the road.

I've always considered myself to be between average & slightly above average with most things. I can keep up, and if i focus on one thing i'll usually excel. 

But what i didn't realize was how deficient i was in my powers of concentration and visualization; the core foundation for success with the course. I mean, when I sat down to do that first lesson, it was pretty tough for me. I was putting a strain on my nugget that it apparently has never had before, and it didn't like it. I was wondering if "my nugget" was the size of a dried up apricot...
The fact is, there was really nothing wrong with the course. I was just out of shape, as most people are. I just wasn't used to controlling my imagination to that level. I needed help, and i got. 

I contacted Ruslan (the Founder of the School) and he gave me some extra exercises to do that were designed to workout the areas i needed to improve. It didn't take much time. Just 15 good minutes here and there during the day, but like any workout, consistency is important. 

Progressing through the course, i noticed a vast improvement in my working memory and concentration in less than a month. 
Here is one example: I went to a big gathering with a lot of new faces. I started meeting people and getting their names. I met about 30 people and at the end of the night, upon leaving and bidding farewell, i would say their name again using the techniques i had learned to recall peoples names. One person even commented: "man! You've got a good memory!" ...He didn't remember my name.  

These are not party tricks. These are real world techniques.  

This was just the beginning. Over the duration of the 4 months it took me (it can be done at your own pace), my memory became a real source of specific information. I learned to trust it. Whatever I memorized, I became confident that it would be there when i needed. That is a great feeling.

Seeing real improvement in my memory had a positive effect on many other aspects of my life. My imagination improved and i was more creative. I was more aware of the subtle thoughts throughout the day. I even started to remember my dreams. 
I became much more confident and optimistic about myself, and situations and problems that i would frequently encounter in life didn't stress me out as much because i had a mental clarity that was refreshing.  My reading ability improved. 

My conversations became more enjoyable. 

I was more productive and efficient with my time because i could focus on whatever task was at hand and become submersed in it. All of this made learning new things exciting to me, instead of being a chore as it was before.

My life will never be the same. It's changed for the better and it's all based on the premise that the brain is a like muscle, and like any other muscle, if you exercise it correctly, it will grow.
Date Reviewed: May 4, 2012, 10:11 pm
Reviewed by Coy Sacco
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