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first company to introduce electronic cigarettes in America, privately funds all it's own research


extensive tobacco flavor options no dessert type flavors


An excellent option especially for smokers newly transitioning.

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The SafeCig Electronic Cigarette from TheSafeCig.com
The SafeCig Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For You
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The SafeCig Review - Are Electronic Cigarettes Good For You?

Why Safe Cig over other e cigarettes?

In their own words: "The Safe Cig is the only electronic cigarette company in America that privately funds all of its own research, development and engineering for all of their products." What does that mean for their customers? Well for one thing it means they're in a position to innovate and start trends as opposed to just sourcing the materials like so many other companies who have jumped in the game.

Safe Cig was the first company to introduce electronic cigarettes to America and they are ahead of the pack in their commitment to research and innovation regarding the quality and design of their electronic cigarette. For example, the Safe Cig offers a one of a kind refill cartridge no other company has replicated. The most requested features in highest demand for any electronic cigarette are long lasting "smoke" and maximum vapor which is hard to consistently reproduce. Safe Cig listens to their customers and puts their money where their mouth is, researching and developing products that meet their customer demand.

The safecig is great for those with a palate for tobacco variations. They have extensive flavor options. In fact they are the only company on the market to offer such an extensive collection of tobacco flavors, from traditional to exotic flavors like macedonian, columbian and moroccan. In all, they offer 14 varieties of tobacco flavor. They don't have any of those fruity/sweet flavors that are popular, so if you're more into the dessert type flavors I would recommend checking out Volcano e cigs. You can read my Volcano review to find out more about that brand.

Meanwhile, the Safecig has stayed focused on their unique brand and style and business is booming. They have been featured at events like the LA film festival, Brits in LA and Comic-Con. The Safecig also developed a unique device called the "catcher" which prevents vapor liquid from being leaked into a customer's mouth before vaporizing. No other e cigarette company has created a comparable device. Uh… you had me at leaked. 

Are E Cigarettes Good For You?

Contrary to popular belief, electronic cigarettes are not intended to help people quit smoking. Not that they couldn't help you do that but that is not how they are legally permitted to promote themselves, in the US anyway, despite increasing evidence from studies done world wide (and most recently at Boston University.) So in this article, we will just address the fact that they are a safer alternative to smoking. In the sense that they still contain nicotine, which is addictive, the quick answer would be no they are not good for you (although every variety of e cigarette does offer a nicotine free option.)

On the other hand, they improve on smoking tobacco in the following ways:

1. No second hand smoke - the "smoke" released from a safe cig is a vapor that dissipates within seconds leaving no odor or residue. It doesn't affect the environment or other people in the environment.

2. No staining on your teeth - The Safe Cig will never stain your teeth like smoking tobacco does.

3. Save money! - The Safe Cig saves it's average customer close to $4,000/year in taxes!!!

4. Smoke in designated non-smoking areas - Ha ha!! Take that!

5. Smoother, cleaner taste - no burning means nothing to cloud the purity of the tobacco flavors. (for some people, since it doesn't exactly replicate smoking, this can be a downer but many people describe that over time they actually prefer the taste and can't imagine why they ever liked the taste of smoking.)

6. No searching for matches or a lighter - the safe cig is self-lighting.

7. Your non-smoking girlfriend/boyfriend will (probably) make out with you right after you've smoked a Safe Cig - This is pure speculation based on the fact that there is none of the smoky odor non-smokers usually find a turnoff. No empirical proof… if you have some please provide!

8. Lifetime warranty - if the mechanism ever goes you can get it replaced.

9. Select the nicotine level you're comfortable with from "non-fitered" all the way to "none" - In that sense the Safe Cig might help you wean yourself from nicotine by keeping the flavor the same but progressively lowering your nicotine in-take. It just isn't designed with that purpose in mind. Safe Cig is designed as a fun alternative to smoking with some cool benefits.

Safe Cig has a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Date Reviewed: January 9, 2012, 8:40 pm
Reviewed by Casey Dalton
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