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Inexpensive. Chilled. Beautiful. In a word, AWESOME.


I find the place a little bit dusty though they provide housekeeping service everyday but I must say, I'm a bit of a clean-freak. And like I said, it's so good that after staying there for a few days, when I first reached home, I find it depressing..sigh. Oh and if you're looking to chill on a beach, the beach wouldn't be right for you because of its water sports. The pool is perfect though.


I had a good time there even when doing nothing.

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The Segara Condotel Bali from The Segara
The Segara Condotel Bali Review
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Do Nothing, Chill and Just Relax to The Max

Bali. Some say itís overrated. Some say itís a must-go. Well, I say youíve got to go to find out yourself. And that was exactly what I did. I took a week off with a bunch of my good friends and spent a week in Bali two months ago. Ever since then, Iím in love. Very in love. With Bali.

For the first few days, we spent most of time at Kuta, which is the more happening and hectic part. And during the last three days, we stayed at The Segara Condotel located at Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, which is the quieter part of Bali.

Basically, there is nothing to do there. Yes, nothing to do! And that is exactly why I love that place. There is absolutely no need for us to do anything there yet we could have the time of our lives.

Like lately, Iím really busy with work. Too much to do. Too little time for myself. Sometimes I wish I could just stop and not do anything. That is why Iíve been reminiscing about Bali a lot, especially the few days I stayed at The Segara Condotel. I wish I'm there right now, do nothing and just chill without a care in the world. And thatís why I feel the need to write a review about it now. Again to reminisce.

I remember when we were in the cab on our way to The Segara Condotel, we did not know what to expect and the most exciting part was even the cab driver wasnít sure exactly where that was. It was towards the end of the street (canít remember the name of the street though). So we were a bit nervous and we really hoped it would be a good stay. We had a great, crazy fun at Kuta already and for the next few days, we were looking at something more relaxing and peaceful.

The moment we pulled up to the entrance, we knew luck was on our side. A very cosy place with a very simple and modern design. Reception area is small yet comfortable and we were greeted by some very very friendly staff and were given drinks while we waited to be checked in to. I personally was very excited and couldnít wait to be shown to our apartment.

STUNNED is the only word I can think of to describe our feelings when we saw our two bedrooms apartment, considering the fact that it wasnít expensive. In fact, itís not only very reasonably priced but a bargain. Two spacious bedrooms with king size beds and bathrooms of their own, fully equipped with showers, bathtubs and etc. Big lovely living room with a set of long big comfortable sofa and LCD TV and the best part was because we stayed on the first floor, it comes with a huge balcony overlooking the shared pool which we couldnít wait to get into and a beach famous for its water sports. The view is to die for. Not forgetting to mention that the balcony comes with a jacuzzi. Oh of course, there is a dry kitchen where we can prepare some food whenever weíre hungry. Pots, pans and stuff are included. Amazing right! And did I mention thereís Wi-Fi service as well? There are many more other little things included which I canít possibly list them all down. The point is, everything is so ready and furnished, itís like weíre at home. My house isnít that beautiful designed though. Thatís the downside of it. When I left Bali and got home, I felt depressed. Seriously.

We spent our next few days doing nothing but lazing on our balcony and down by and in the pool while getting a tan and sipping vodka and beers we brought there ourselves. Met and befriended some nice and beautiful neighbours from Canada and France while doing so.

We had our breakfast and lunch at our-then-home so we didnít really go out except for dinners. We decided to be adventurous and just roamed around the neighbourhood nearby and looked for some local delicacies at some local warung (hawker stall/ restaurant).

Well, we love hot and spicy food thatís why we preferred having our meals at some local small restaurants rather than an established cafe or restaurant which you can also find around the area. After dinner, weíd normally go to the mini market nearby and buy some food and drinks (Beer to be exact. The local beer, BINTANG is a must have).

It wasnít until the last day that we decided to do something more exciting since we were fully relaxed and would be leaving the next day. We started the day by waking up at 5 am because we wanted to see the sunrise. Though it was extremely hard for all of us to wake up then it was definitely worth it when we saw the sunrise by the beach. Took plenty of breathtaking pictures.

Then after breakfast, we went to the beach again to do some water sports. If youíre looking to relax by the beach itself it wouldnít be possible though because like I said, itís famous for its water sports. I started with parasailing. An experience I would never forget. The moment I went up the sky, the view was so beautiful that even the word beautiful itself isnít enough to describe the view. In the middle of the sky, there were other parasailers. A lot of them actually. I ended up getting tangled with another parasailer, so we both fell down into the sea. I wasnít scared one bit since Iím not afraid of height and also it went down fairly slowly and when we got into the water, in less than 30 seconds, the staff got to us on a jet ski and brought us back to the beach. They were really efficient. The good thing about it was, I get to fly another time. After that, we tried the†fly-fish, which was very exciting. It was like we were tied to a kite and flying a few meters up from the sea.

All of these games were not expensive but you would need to bargain with them. We, Malaysians, are somehow pretty good at it and we managed to get a very good deal out of all the water sports.

That was how we spent the last day there. We miss that place so much that we are still talking about it now and would definitely go back again.
Date Reviewed: June 25, 2012, 8:04 am
Reviewed by Grace
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